New and Improved RBL Credit Card Payment Options!


RBL Bank provides credit cards that provide exceptional services as well as distinctive incentives and perks on every purchase. The card has a set transaction limit and payback is possible during the billing period.

To pay your credit card bill, you may select from a variety of credit card bill payment gateway alternatives based on your convenience and appropriateness. If you do not pay your credit card bill on time, you will be charged a penalty or a high rate of interest. 

To Avoid Fines, Consider The Following Options:

RBL Credit Card Payment: Net Banking 

Cardholders must follow these procedures to pay RBL Bank bills using net banking:

  • Enter your username and password to access your RBL Net banking account.
  • Click the “Add Biller” button.
  • Make RBL credit card your biller.
  • Once added, you may make the payment immediately by entering the amount and the bank account from which the payment is to be made.
  • When you select “Instant Pay,” your payment will be completed and a receipt will be generated.

Other Bank Net Banking Payment for RBL Bank Credit Card

You may add your RBL Bank credit card as a biller to any bank’s net banking account.

  • Payments can be made straight from a savings account.
  • The credit card payment is realized the next day, although the limit is released the same day.
  • A confirmation message is delivered to the cardholder’s registered email address and mobile phone number.

RBL Credit Card Payment: MyCard Mobile Banking 

  • Access your RBL Bank MyCard app.
  • Your credit card information will be shown. Select the “Make Payment” option.
  • Choose the amount you wish to pay and the method of payment you choose.
  • Pay immediately, and the limit will be released on the same day.

Payment for RBL Credit Cards via BillDesk

  • Credit card login at Bill Desk Portal.
  • After carefully reading the information, click the Proceed button.
  • Now provide your credit card information, email address, cell phone number, and payment choice.
  • Payment must be confirmed before the request can be submitted.
  • The money will be processed immediately, and a confirmation email will be issued to the mobile number and email address provided.

RBL Bank Credit Card Payment of Bill Using UPI

Cardholders can also pay for their RBL credit cards via UPI by following the easy procedures outlined below:

  • To make a UPI payment, use either net banking or the RBL Bank MyCard app.
  • Choose the Bill Payment option.
  • Enter the required payment amount and press the Submit button.
  • Choose the UPI option.
  • To proceed, enter your VPA and click “Request.”
  • Open your phone’s UPI app of choice and make the payment.
  • The money will be promptly credited to the card account.
  • Please keep in mind that you cannot presently pay your RBL Bank credit card bill using UPI using your account number and IFSC code.

RBL Bank Credit Card Payment of Bill with NEFT Using IFSC Code

Cardholders can pay their RBL credit card bills using NEFT by following these simple steps:

  • From any bank, access your net banking account.
  • In the “Fund Transfer” box, select NEFT.
  • If necessary, add a beneficiary or input beneficiary information directly.
  • Make the payment from your savings account.
  • The sum will be deducted and paid for your outstanding credit card balance.

RBL Bank Credit Card: Debit Card Payment 

Following a few easy steps, one may pay the RBL credit card bill with an SBI debit card, an ICICI, HDFC, Axis, Kotak, or any other bank debit card:

  • Sign in to your net banking account.
  • Choose Credit Cards from the Bill Payment menu.
  • Now, pick the Debit Card Option from the list and either Razorpay or Bill Desk.
  • Enter the card information, amount, and email address, then submit the request.
  • Now enter your bank’s debit card information and submit the request.
  • The transaction will be completed, and the funds will be credited to your credit card account.

RBL Bank Credit Card: Cash Payment 

  • Pay in person at a bank branch to make a cash payment.
  • If the payment exceeds Rs. 50,000, you may be required to submit your PAN.
  • Every transaction will incur a cost of Rs. 250 + GST.
  • The credit card limit will be released on the same day, and the payment will be credited on the following business day.

RBL Bank Credit Card: Cheque Payment 

  • RBL credit cardholders can also make a payment via check.
  • They can either deposit the check in the bank or send it to the address through courier.
  • There is no extra cost for such transactions.
  • Payment of the credit card bill is subject to the clearing of the cheque, thus it is advised that payment is made by cheque, and be made many days before the due date expires.

Summing Up!

A premium RBL credit card comes with several advantages. When applying for a credit card upgrade, customers should keep a few things in mind. Evaluate the card’s advantages based on your usage and pick the card carefully to get the most out of it.