Night Blooming Jasmine Essential Oil: Here Are Interesting Facts About This Magical Oil


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Jasmine is a vine-like shrub that yields the most beautiful smelling flowers that are used for creating top-quality perfumes and libido-boosting jasmine oil. For the years, Night Blooming Jasmine Essential Oil is been used for a number of health benefits such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, and much more.

Night jasmine is also known by other names like parijaat, harsingar, and night blooming jasmine which is a small flower with a pleasant fragrance. But you will be surprised to know that jasmine is not just beautiful but packed with several health benefits.  

In massage oils, jasmine essential oil is often added because it provides relief to tired muscles. Moreover, it acts as a gentle and cooling toner for inflamed skin and is helpful in supporting a glowing complexion. 

Jasmine is known to have the ability to rejuvenate, restore and balance energy. Being a powerful aroma in improving sensual moods, jasmine essential oil is useful for awakening passion along with the romantic sentiment.  

What is a night blooming jasmine essential oil?

Jasmine oil is an essential oil formulated from the beautiful jasmine flower. These flowers have a floral scent and come with universal charm because of their deep, striking, and flowery notes.

Jasmine is an evergreen climbing vine that can grow up to 33 feet tall when grown under the right growing conditions. The vines yield small white star-shaped flowers along with a romantic aroma. 

Common Uses of Night Blooming Jasmine Essential Oil

Night blooming jasmine essential oil is often used in the formulation of candles, soap, skin care, and hair care products. In order to purify your room, you can add a few drops of night blooming jasmine essential oil to a diffuser.    

Here are some common uses of night blooming essential oil:

  • In the evening when you unwind after a long day, simply diffuse jasmine essential oil and experience great relaxation.
  • To experience a calm and romantic evening, you can add a few drops of jasmine essential oil to your bath.
  • Just add a few drops of this essential oil to your favorite hair product to nourish your hair as well as scalp.
  • To enjoy healthy-looking and glowing skin, add jasmine essential oil to your skincare routine.

Ayurvedic insight for night blooming jasmine essential oil

As per the age-old healing system of Ayurveda, it is believed that jasmine essential oil is an ultimate balancer of the Vata and Pitta dosha. You need to know that Vata and Pitta are biological forces of wind as well as fire.

By balancing wind, this essential oil aids in slowing down the restless and upset mind, promoting joy & peaceful feelings.

On the other hand, when the fire is balanced, jasmine oil decrease the additional head present in your body and mind. Assisting to put out the fire of Pitta, jasmine’s coolness is known for supporting a cool, clear, and relaxed head. 

When jasmine essential oil is used in the right way, it uplifts romance in a spiritual experience.

Perks of using night blooming jasmine essential oil

The incredible benefits of this essential oil are one of the major reasons why night blooming jasmine essential oil is popular. Here are some top benefits of using this essential oil:

Depression and anxiety relief

Using jasmine essential oil either as an aromatherapy treatment or topically on your skin ensures quick improvement in your mood and sleep as well. This further boost your energy levels. 

Jasmine essential oil has a stimulating effect on your brain which aids in improving your mood.

Help with post-pregnancy symptoms

During the post-pregnancy period, most women experience low energy, anxiety, muscle pain as well as depression. This is the time when jasmine essential oil can help you with its mood-lifting effects. By improving the activities of your brain, jasmine essential oil regulates the mood. 

Increase arousal

When compared with a placebo, jasmine essential oil cause an important increase in physical signs of arousal like body temperature, breathing rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation.

Apart from all these benefits, jasmine essential oil offers several other advantages like uplifting mood, increasing concentration power, and promoting healthy skin.

Therefore, to buy genuine night blooming jasmine essential oil, you can always trust Essential Oil Wizardry.

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