Fulfill your dream of being a successful doctor.


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The medical profession is among the most revered professional fields in India and has a never-ending appeal within the community.

In India each year, more than 15 lakh pupils take part in NEET to achieve their goal of becoming MBBS doctors. In reality, only a small fraction of them can take up MBBS in government colleges due to the increasing competition, the limited number of MBBS places in government colleges, as well as the high cost of privately-owned Indian colleges.In this age of globalisation, possibilities aren’t limited to the borders of a country; however, in India, because of ignorance, many talented students are unable to fulfil their dreams of becoming doctors.To provide students with the most global exposure and fill the gap in qualified medical professionals within India, Geeta Jain founded Medication.  travelled with her team of researchers and analysts across 20 countries, as well as their medical

Universities collect authentic data about universities and countries to gather real-time information about them.

Recently, numerous educators and consultants have provided false information to students. To safeguard students from illegal actions,

The advice Geeta Jain, and her staff recommend to students comes from their research and their personal stories, which is different from other consultants.

“With more than 13 years experience in the field and experience in this field, my team as well as I have consulted over 4500 students as well as guided over 2000 students to study MBBS at various medical schools. I travelled alongside my team of researchers and analysts to offer complete, accurate, and personal-tested information on the medical colleges, the countries, and their healthcare educational systems. At Mediconation, we aim to connect Indian medical students to the most reputable medical institutions in the world that provide top-quality medical education with solid exposure to clinical practice for a reasonable cost. “Our team works tirelessly to make the entire process more transparent, reliable, and transparent for the students,” the woman said.

Eligibility requirements

  • One must be at least 17 years old to be eligible for MBBS at the University of India.
  • Candidates must get a minimum of 60% in their final exams at high school with a science background.
  • Candidates must have had a background in chemistry, physics, zoology with botany, or biology at the high school level.
  • Candidates must pass the NEET test to be eligible to study MBBS at the University of India.

It is easier to locate accommodations in European countries at the moment. Additionally, they can be affordable and are accessible to most students from other countries. The atmosphere in India is such that it is an option for students to learn in peace and without any issues whatsoever.

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