Funky ways to style denim


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Ali Hamza

The first pair of jeans were manufactured in 1873 in Nevada as rivet-reinforced trousers. Since then, denim’s exceptional wear qualities and durability have propelled it into the stratosphere of current fashion. History classes are interesting, but do you know what’s more interesting? Learning the most stylish ways to wear denim jeans. In today’s fashion lesson, we will discuss the nuances of men’s denim, from fits to the finest combinations to wear them with.

Pair with Slim Jeans

Most men choose this cut of denim because it strikes a good balance between fitting well and being comfortable. Those new to denim should start here and decide if they want tighter or looser jeans based on how they feel. Slim jeans are nice because they fit the shape of your legs and give you a nice silhouette without squeezing your lower half. Because of how well they fit, slim jeans can be worn with everything from fitted t-shirts to collared shirts and even casual suits. Men with bigger legs may find their calves or thighs tighter in slim jeans. In this case, try a larger size but modify the length and hem accordingly. Since these are also trendy, finding an affordable pair of slim-fit jeans for men shouldn’t be too difficult.

Pair with Straight Jeans

Straight jeans have a regular cut, which means that the leg is straight from the knee to the bottom. Most of the time, the fit and leg openings are looser, but the size of your thighs, knees, calves, and ankles stays the same. Many brands are known for this fit, so you’ll often find unique details like rivets or the way the fly is set up. Most of the time, looser-fitting layers go best with straight jeans. You don’t want the top to be too tight unless you want to look like a tube of toothpaste that’s been open for six weeks. The best way to wear double denim here is with a denim shirt, a jacket with two layers of denim, or a knitted field jacket. Straight jeans look great with even sweaters that are too big. The key is to ensure that the top and bottom fit together so they look good together.

Pair with Blue

Blue jeans go best with casual clothes. Indigo denim started as work wear and will always look great with other clothes made of the same material. Flannel shirts, basic T-shirts, a casual coat, and boots or sneakers will go far in any informal setting. Just turn up the darkness if you want something a little bit smarter. Darker blues, like raw indigo, look good with Oxford shirts, loafers or Derby shoes, and even softly tailored clothes.

Pair with skinny jeans

The popular skinny fit is the next cut on the ladder. Standard skinny jeans fit close to the legs but have a little room for movement. One benefit of skinny jeans is that the way they taper from top to bottom can make you look taller. They look best on guys who aren’t too big because bigger guys will have a problem with the jeans wrapping around too tight. Skinny jeans are the best choice for smart casual looks because they look more put together. Think skinny jeans with sweaters, collared shirts, blazers, and ties that aren’t too dressy. You may pair them with something as simple as a t-shirt and a bomber jacket for a more laid-back look.

Pair with Selvedge Denim

Selvedge denim is a stronger version of raw or unwashed denim. It has clean, natural edges that don’t fray. It’s a little different from raw denim in that selvedge is the edge of the fabric, while raw denim is the finish of the fabric as a whole. It’s also a more expensive cut because of these things, and red stitching on the weft is a good way to spot it (inner hem). Raw denim can be worn with many different things, from t-shirts to collared shirts to suits.


It would help if you got lumps of paint in bright colors screened onto your jeans. Alternately, you can create the appearance of tiger claws on the thighs of your jeans by using a blade. You may even make your jeans look cooler by cutting a slit in the side. To sum up, those above are some hippest and most stylish ways to denim jeans. Based on these fundamental concepts, you can come up with a hundred more ways to wear denim jeans if you use a little creativity.