How To Make A Crew In GTA 5? The Step-by-Step Guide of Making a Crew in GTA 5


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This is a step-by-step guide on making your own GTA 5 crew which you can fit up with your friends, family, fellow GTA players. Anyone who has access to Social Club! So here are the steps to get you started with making that dream come true.

Step-by-step guide of Making GTA 5 Crew

Step 1:

First off, open up your Social Club app or website and go into the ‘CREW’ tab at the top of the screen.

Step 2:

Then click on the ‘CREWS’ tab in the next window just below it; this will bring you to a page containing all of your created Crews, if any exist.

Step 3:

For this example, you want to make a Crew called “The Dark Crusaders,” This is the first ever Crew, and it’s just friends and you in it. If you already have a crew you manage, that’s fine too – you’ll go over starting up your Crews later.

Step 4:

If this is your first Crew, click CREATE CREW button at the bottom of the page, You will now be able to name your newly created Crew (in the above example, I called mine The Dark Crusaders). You can also make this freshly formed Crew private if you want only people added by yourself or managers, but keep in mind that performing any activities such as creating tasks, for example, will be impossible with a private crew.

Therefore we recommend making any Crews you start public for ease of use and allowing other players to see your team.

Step 5:

In this step, you’ll input The Dark Crusaders as your new Crew name. Then you’ll click the CREATE CREW button again, which will prompt a verification email to be sent to other. He/she can confirm their username and password by simply clicking the link provided in the email – after doing just that, their new Crew will be created successfully! Cool right? You’re one step closer now to making a big GTA 5 gang with all of your pals, just like what you’ve always dreamed about.

Procedure to become boss of the crew:

Someone may want to command a crew once it has expanded, but someone will have to become a supervisor before that happens. So here’s what you do to become that person if you’re going to:

  1. Go into the ‘CREW’ tab at the top of your Social Club app or website yet again and click on “CREWS” just below it. This will bring up all of your Crews that were created by yourself, along with our newly created one seen in the screenshot above named The Dark Crusaders
  2. If no managers exist for this Crew, then click the “ADD MANAGER” button at the bottom-middle section of the page where it says “NO MANAGERS.” Otherwise, if there are already managers in place for this Crew, then those people will have a button next to their name saying “REMOVE,” and if you click that button, it will remove them as a manager while keeping their rank in the Crew.
  3. Click the ADD MANAGER button for The Dark Crusaders, where I (the creator of this Crew) am already linked as a manager with the default name ‘The Creator. ‘We could’ve chosen to change our username or leave it like that, but I prefer having our names match. Hence, there’s no confusion on who made what whenever one of my friends or I post updates about whatever is happening within our Crews, so they know exactly who’s posting it. But let’s say your name isn’t James Bond 007, for example… Consider another option if that’s the case name – it’s up to you.
  4. Now, after clicking ADD MANAGER, you’ll want to input your username and password for this Crew Below the page, in the boxes where it says “CREW LOGIN” and “CREW PASSWORD,” respectively, and then click SIGN IN button. After that, you will now be attached as a manager of that Crew (of course, if no managers existed beforehand, then they would need to follow steps 2-5 for this step to become available)

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Promoting New Member

Finally, we come to our last step, which is promoting our new member or members within The Dark Crusaders Crew:

Step 1:

You will know who is already a member of your Crew, whether you’re a manager or not, simply because once you click on CREWS at the top of any Social Club page and choose to view all of them, the names of existing members will be listed with a grey background. In contrast, a white background denotes a new potential member who is awaiting approval.

But how do we get to adding members? We click on an existing member’s name, which brings us into their profile, where we can then click on the ADD FRIEND button that resides right under your friend’s picture. This will prompt a pop-up box where you can input one or more Gamer-tags from people who want to join this particular Crew.

Step 2:

For someone else (let’s say in this example, it would be me) to join The Dark Crusaders by utilizing the steps above, your would have to do so from your Xbox 360 or Xbox One console itself. Why? Because you attempted to join a Crew via the website or Social Club app on your phone, it will not generally work – this is due to an exploit in which only users who are logged into their consoles can accept invites sent over the social club (if you don’t know what an exploit is, skip this sentence).

Step 3:

Now, how do you invite people strictly? You go back onto your profile after logging into Social Club again through your preferred method and access Crews via the CREWS tab at the top-middle section of your Social Club page.

Next, you choose the Crew you wish to invite people from and view all of its information in the bottom-left corner of the page, where you obtain a list called “Members,” which will contain many names if you’ve been very active on Social Club by adding individuals yourself or having other members within your Crew add you. Some people might not even own Grand Theft Auto V, while others might but don’t play it anymore or barely play it through multiplayer.

Step 4:

Now click on one of those names to make them you’re friend only this time. Instead of clicking ADD FRIEND, scroll down further until you get to an option below it reading INVITE TO CREW. Clicking that will prompt a pop-up box, but instead of inputting Gamertags, click on the dropdown menu where it says CREW and choose either PSN ID or Xbox LIVE Gamertag depending on whether you’re inviting someone from Playstation Network or Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

After that, type in a reason why they should join your Crew if you wish, and then press SEND INVITE (if they are online at that moment, they will receive an invite immediately).

Step 5:

From there, now all you have to do is wait for them to accept. Don’t spam them with messages asking why they haven’t yet because if they’re signed into Social Club right now, then chances are, their inboxes might be complete, or they are too busy to reply.

Just wait until you get a pop-up message telling you that your invite was accepted – a 30-minute wait could take up to 24 hours for someone to receive an invite depending on who the person is, their time zones, and whatnot, so just be patient in the meantime.

Step 6:

Lastly, this part has nothing to do with inviting people but rather getting in contact with each other if necessary: using your in-game mobile phone, open up one of your contacts (like Franklin’s friend Lamar or Trevor’s pal Ron) only this time hold down LB when viewing their profiles.

From there, scroll down past their name and vehicle information until you reach the CREW option underneath, where it should read the name of the Crew you are in. Click on that, and your mobile phone’s blue-tooth signal will start to beep while you hear a little tune play – this means that whoever is playing online with you at the time is within proximity.

If they happen to be in their vehicle, then you won’t hear anything. Still, if they’re on foot, then they’ll come running up to your location no matter how far away they are, just like Lester when he starts giving you missions or Trevor when he approaches after successfully bailing out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

Step 7:

That’s all there is to making a crew in GTA 5!

Is it free to create a crew?

All gamers living in a nation where Sea of Thieves is currently accessible are welcome to join The Creator Crew. Anyone who wishes to showcase their skills and ideas by producing Sea of Thieves material is welcome to join for free. They may also share their original Sea of Thieves stories with the rest of the community.