Some Pros and Cons of Placing Bigger Tyres On Your Vehicle?


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Umer Malik

The most current fashion is to fit big wheels into cars. Some individuals install larger wheels on their vehicles for safer driving in bad weather conditions throughout the winter. Others might rather enlarge it for improved aesthetics or ground clearance.

Do these modified wheels provide more benefits than drawbacks, though? To get this industry information, let’s consider the benefits and drawbacks of this action.

Bigger Wheels For The Vehicles – Some Benefits And Drawbacks

The size of your vehicle’s tyres significantly impacts your ride. So without further ado, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of wheel plus size.

Benefits Of Bigger Wheels For The Vehicles

Here are the benefits of selecting a bigger wheel for your vehicle. First, look at the manufacturer’s guide when changing or replacing the tires. Then, you can buy car tyres at an affordable price in UAE, Oman, or the region you live in.

  • Enhanced Grip and Traction
  • Better Cornering
  • Safer Braking System
  • Good Appearance

1.    Enhanced Grip and Traction

Large and wide tyres frequently contain more rubber on their tracks. This means the automobile’s tyres may make greater contact with the ground, improving grip and traction. In other terms, it enables the automobile to handle better. Here you must remember that when buying tires for winter seasonal driving, you must choose a bigger and thinner wheel. This is because they will provide better traction on snowy roads.

2.    Better Cornering

Larger automobile wheels have larger threads, firmer sidewalls, and greater road contact. Large-size wheels also contribute significantly to improved cornering and stability when combined with all these qualities.

3.    Safer Braking System

Wide-rimmed vehicles have a larger contact patch and better traction. Therefore, installing large-size balanced tyres in automobiles will undoubtedly result in proper operation by shortening the stopping distance. Balanced tyres are simply those that are neither too firm nor too soft.

4.    Good Appearance

The shape of the vehicle is significantly influenced by the tyres. For instance, upgrading to larger alloy wheels from the previous low-profile tyres might give it a sportier appearance. Therefore, sizing the tyre on the vehicle can greatly impact its design.

Drawbacks Of Bigger Wheels For The Vehicles

Below are some drawbacks of installing bigger wheels in your car. However, every drawback depends on the condition and design of the car.

  • Boosted Fuel Consumption
  • Intense Steering And Slow Acceleration
  • Smart Tire Wheel
  • Fault In Speedometer
  • Safety System Alerting

1.    Boosted Fuel Consumption

Bigger wheels are heavier; therefore, the engine must work more than usual. This causes fuel usage to rise. Although the engine that produces more horsepower won’t be impacted initially. You can say that fuel efficiency won’t affect a strong engine. However, using such a potent engine is not cost-effective.

2.    Intense Steering And Slow Acceleration

Due to the wide contact patch, automobiles with enormous rims have a damaging effect on steering performance. On the other hand, big tyres merely add weight, which causes difficult steering, sluggish acceleration, and poor vehicle control.

3.    Smart Tire Wheel

The heavy and bigger steering, wheel scraping and shorter sidewalls cause the big-size tyres to lose their tread more quickly than is typical. Therefore, you must stay in touch with your mechanic or store partner to inquire while buying bigger wheels for the car.

4.    Fault In Speedometer

The technology in an electric car is calibrated using the standardized elements or components that are put in it. However, this inbuilt technology could not respond correctly when automobile parts are improved. For instance, changing a car’s wheels from 16 to 19 inches will result in an inaccurate speedometer reading.

5.    Safety System Alerting

The car’s electronic safety features, including EBD, ABS, and stability control, can also not react precisely and promptly.


In conclusion, the car’s larger wheels provide both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should only buy it if it satisfies your car’s demands and won’t make you regret it later.