Advantages of buying electric car in Dubai


Electric new cars for sale in Dubai are increasing day by day due to its ease of maintenance and affordable prices. Most of you might be aware that Dubai has passed a law that provides free public parking for all electric cars. The list of benefits does not end here, Dubai has also set up various public charging stations which were totally free till the end of 2019. 

Similarly, the list of advantages of buying electric cars in Dubai goes a long way. Ultimately, all these benefits compel buyers to switch to electric cars rather than traditional cars even due to huge new car prices in Dubai also. Still not convinced? 

Read on more about the list of reasons to prefer electric cars in this age. 

With fuel shortages and fuel price increases, electric car driving is the latest trend in a series of emerging trends. Due to the fact that the energy transition is urgently needed nowadays, the UAE is at the forefront of this positive change. The automotive industry is transitioning to low-carbon energy sources. Therefore, to support Dubai’s move towards sustainability, many automotive companies from around the world are launching various models of electric cars in the UAE. These energy-efficient vehicles, which are slowly supplanting the regular gasoline-powered internal combustion engine cars, are now all the rage across the country.

The Range

In terms of electric cars, range refers to kilometers per charge. The range of new electric cars in the market is comparatively higher than its predecessors as well as traditional fuel-efficient cars. Electric cars are a great choice for you if you are looking for a vehicle that maneuvers its way in the traffic and is also cost-effective for the owner. 

Moreover, with more than 100 charging stations in the city, you can easily find resources to empower your routes. On an average, an electric car gives you a mileage of 200-300 miles depending on the condition of the battery and vehicle. Electric car owners should keep in mind that they’ve to keep their car’s battery in good condition and pay great attention in hotter environments. 

Noise & Carbon Free

Another great advantage of having an electric car is that it would pass by you and you won’t get to know. These new cars for sale in Dubai are extremely silent and run so smoothly just like butter in the streets. 

As we all know that electric cars don’t consume any kind of fuel, so there is no amount of carbon footprint released by these cars to the environment. All in all, electric cars are highly beneficial from environmental factors. And this is the reason the Dubai government is targeting to have 42,000 EVs on the road by 2030. 

Budget Friendly Cars

There is no doubt or question when it comes to the cost-effectiveness of owning an electric new cars for sale in Dubai. Residents of Dubai are aware of the fact that electricity is relatively cheaper than fuel prices. This means that you can easily save on the expenses of your daily car use with electric cars. 

It is really a pocket-friendly car for those who have to travel a lot in their daily routine as it costs way less to charge than refueling a conventional car. Moreover, electric car owners also enjoy several discounts on registration and renewal. 

Cheaper to Maintain

From a structural point of view, electric vehicles have less moving parts than any normal fuel-powered car. 

An electric vehicle (BEV) has far fewer moving parts than a traditional gasoline/diesel car. There is relatively little maintenance and no expensive exhaust systems, starters, fuel injection systems, radiators and many other parts not needed in an electric vehicle. The main moving parts of an electric vehicle are the batteries, which manufacturers claim have a lifespan of around 8 years, making them cheaper to maintain.

Safer Ride

The new electric cars are said to have a lower center of gravity, making it harder to roll over. They may also have a lower risk of major fires or explosions, and electric cars’ body construction and durability can make them safer in the event of a collision, providing a safer ride.

If you can charge your car at home, consider installing a fast charger. If you use a normal household socket, the charging tariff depends on the power supply, The power outlet to which you are connected. Fast chargers are industrial chargers that can charge most new electric vehicles to 80 percent in 30-45 minutes.

Special license plate decal

A sticker will be placed on the license plate of electric vehicles in Dubai. The goal of distinctive license plates is to make them easily identifiable for preferential parking and other benefits granted by the government to electric vehicles.

All these incentives and benefits of owning an electric car in Dubai aim to raise awareness of the benefits of electric cars, promote electric mobility and make transportation greener and more sustainable.

They don’t use petrol

Instead of filling up with petrol, the engines are electrically charged. That saves money, because the charging stations charge about a third of the price for a full tank of fuel. No petrol is also better for the environment, helping to reduce pollution in the UAE.

It’s super safe

Tesla electric vehicles new cars for sale in Dubai not only behave like a normal car, but also have multiple sensors to stop accidents. As the UAE is busy with traffic this helps with the little bumps here and there and increases safety for 

Silent driving

Electric cars are so quiet because of course they do not make any engine noise. This is very beneficial for noise pollution in the UAE, especially in built-up areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In the long run, an electric new car price in Dubai is not only cheaper to run, but also helps reduce pollution. There are different types of electric car models in Dubai, all you have to do is go to a showroom and choose.