How big is the submarine cable system market?


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The need for undersea power cables has risen due to the focus placed on the transition to green energy and climate change globally. Submarine power transmission is used by wind, wave, and tidal energy sources to provide renewable energy to networks for commercial and residential distribution.

Submarine power cables are also used by energy network providers to connect power systems in several nations. These reasons have led to an increase in demand for the market for undersea cables.

Manufacturers, system integrators, and service providers of submarine cables are concentrating on deploying submarine cable solutions and related services that can meet the demand anticipated to grow as 5G and other next-generation telecommunications technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE) gain traction.


The signal transmission over the ocean and marine water bodies is assisted by a submarine cable system, which is connected to a land-based station. Through cable networks installed underwater, communication and electrical transmission are combined for long-distance connectivity.

The global expansion in telecom and internet subscribers is wholly dependent on the demand for and deployment of the undersea cable infrastructure. They are anticipated to develop the submersible systems in uncharted territory. Additionally, the development of underwater cables throughout all nations and regions of the modern globe is greatly influenced by maritime freight and GPS. To create a uniform method and connection, this requires the adoption of appropriate and distinctive government rules.

Future growth of submarine cable system market

  • According to Data Bridge Market Research’s analysis, the market for submarine cable systems will grow at a CAGR of 7.3% from 2017 to 2029, reaching a value of USD 28,836.51 million. The most significant technical category is “Dry Plants products.” 
  • This kind of technology is popular because it provides the highest level of job efficiency by preventing the installation of wires in crucial locations. Pricing, patents, and technical improvements are all extensively covered in the market study for submarine cable systems.
  • The above-mentioned forecasted period’s major constraints on the growth of the submarine cable system market are regulatory, environmental, and time-consuming authorization processes, as well as the challenging repairing processes for deep-water power cable links, while the rising interest in space-based internet communications constellations may pose a threat to the market’s expansion.

Which Key Trends Will Boost Sales of Submarine Cables?

In addition to raising demand for better communications, rising data traffic globally will support industry growth. Due to rising investments in offshore wind farms and by OTT providers, the market for underwater cables will also pick up steam.

90% of all data traffic on the planet travels over submarine communication cables, which have a total carrying capacity of terabits per second. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that top OTT and communication providers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft place a high value on undersea cable infrastructure.

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Opportunities in submarine cable market

Since the middle of the 1800s, submarine cables have been in use. However, throughout a significant chunk of their collective lives, such cables were mostly used to transport electricity from traditional sources, such coal plants, across national borders, or out to islands or oil platforms. During the 19th century, the submarine cable business saw a slump. That changed throughout the 2000s as high energy prices and concerns over climate change sparked interest in expanding offshore wind and improving global power infrastructure.

the expansion of satellite technology, the launch of new satellite constellations, and the growing preference for accessing material via mobile devices over distant wireless transmissions. Data center infrastructures link these remote communications. To establish connections between various data centers in various nations and regions, cables installed in a submarine are used to connect them. This suggests the necessity for underwater cables, which link data centers and so enhance cloud connection for all kinds of businesses. As a result, the market for submarine cable systems is anticipated to increase significantly as a result of the adoption of cloud-based services and solutions.

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