The Dangers Of A Slab Leak: What Homeowners Need To Know


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Slab Leaks are far more dangerous than any regular dripping faucet or showerhead. The reason is that slab leaks are very challenging to detect unless you hire a company that provides professional plumbing services to inspect your house’s plumbing system. This means that it can remain undetected for a very long time, and it will have already done incalculable harm to your household when it becomes apparent. 

The Reason Behind Slab Leaks

 Your home’s slab is a concrete foundation, and in most houses, plumbing is laid under the concrete slab. This makes most homeowners unaware of slab leaks when they occur, as they are quite difficult to identify and even harder to repair. Accessing the water line below the concrete foundation of your home can be problematic, and in most cases, the slabs need to be broken to get the pipeline fixed, which can be very costly. In that case, Slab Leak Detection in Escondido can be beneficial and cost-efficient.

Slab Leak Repair by Experts

How Can Slab Leaks be Identified? 

There are various ways to detect slab leaks. The most typical ones that you must not ignore are as follows. 

  1.  High Water Bills: If your water bill has skyrocketed, but you haven’t used any more water than usual or haven’t noticed any leaks in your home, then your home must have a slab leak. This symptom happens pretty swiftly and happens over a few billing cycles. 
  2.  Water spots develop on the floor: If water spots start to appear on your floors, then this might be an indication of a slab leak, as the water has nowhere else to go but up to the floor. You can even feel the moisture while you are barefoot. Some homes also claimed that they had heard the water running beneath their floorings.  
  3. Floors start to swell: It is very natural for the ground to swell if the water moves from the foundation to the ground. As a result, the foundation of your home becomes lift and uneven. If this happens, then You will start noticing spots or areas where the floor is lifted as a result of a slab leak. 
  4.  Sounds of air and water: Professional plumbers have a specialized listening device that helps them to find a slab leak. Slab Leak Detection Escondido use this where they pump air into your pipelines. If they hear any gurgling sound of water or air leaking from the pipes, then the slab leak is the reason. They may also turn off the water and employ the pipeline. If any particular noise appears, then your plumber will easily detect the issue. 

If these slab leaks remain undetected for long and don’t get fixed, then they can cause heavy damage to the health of your home and your family members. 

Dangers of Slab Leaks that Homeowners Need to Know

  • We should never treat any health issue lightly. One of the potential risks of slab leaks is that if water stands in place for a very long time without being noticed, it starts to grow Mold. Mold formation is a sign and side effect of a slab leak. This can infect your home and pipeline without your knowledge.

Inhaling Mold for an extended period can cause respiratory problems. And as time progresses, rotting will start to happen and cause more severe issues. Mold overgrows in damp environments, which is precisely what slab leaks create. Mold growth in your household can cause health problems like coughing and wheezing, asthma attacks, and other severe respiratory tract conditions. Children and newborns are more susceptible to these diseases. 

Once the respiratory system of our body starts to fail, the body becomes more vulnerable to other potential diseases. But the best thing is you can conveniently avoid all of these problems from occurring by hiring Slab Leak Detection in Escondido.

  • Slab leaks can potentially deteriorate the stability of the foundation of your house. Even a foundation made of steel and concrete can not hold up against severe slab leaks. Because the pressure of the water is so high, it creates movements in the foundation, eventually leading to the cracking and collapsing of the whole foundation. 

The problem caused by slab leaks is primarily common in households built between the 1960s to 1980s, as concrete slabs were used for the foundation. Most of these households had used soft copper piping for their water plumbing which is harmful. Sometimes it takes months before you can witness any symptoms of slab leaks, as the evidence of a fractured copper line is not immediately visible. 

That is why it is so much important to understand slab leaks are more concerning than just an irritation. The foundation damage in your household can be both expensive and severe, and it will take a long time to fix or rebuild it. 

  • Another possible risk associated with slab leaks is that your insurance plan might not provide coverage for such an incident. There are numerous options available to repair slab leaks. The total repair including detection, isolation, and patching of the affected pipe, can cost you around $2000 to $5000. Slab Leak Detection in Escondido will provide the most cost-effective solution.

The insurance company will not bear the cost of repairing. Still, the total cost of leak detection, including isolation, access, restoration, and drying of the property, will be covered depending on the type of insurance policy you have purchased. 

  • If a slab leak is not fixed in time, it will eventually cause musty and moldy odors to spread throughout your entire house. And if any leak is generated in your property’s sewage pipeline, your household will start smelling like sewage. 

Are you ready to face all these problems? I’m sure you are not. With the help of experts like Slab Leak Detection in Escondido, the entire operation can take one or two days with minimum damage to your foundation. The proper detection of the leak and preparation of the repair will be done on the first day, and the actual repair with the most effective solution will be carried out on the second day. 

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