8 Top Programs for Naturally Gaining Twitter Followers


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Umer Malik

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It’s hardly shocking that companies use Twitter to interact with their customers. Fifty-three percent of Twitter operators are more likely to be early adopters of new items.
Increasing your Twitter following has several other benefits outside just making your company look more well-known. It indicates to your customers, potential customers, and competition that you mean business. Customers’ confidence in your company is bolstered. Your standing in the industry will be strengthened.
So, how does one gain a steady stream of natural Twitter followers for their brand?


Socialoomph’s effective post-scheduling solutions are a significant contributor to that rise. An initial purchase of this program will set you back $6.97, and a free demo is also available. There is also a free version available.
Socialoomph is an excellent tool for managing your social media presence if you have access to team features and tags. Teams can have their social accounts and blogs, and group members can be added as collaborators with appropriate permissions.
Precise scheduling, post queues, RSS feeds, webhooks, mass uploading, erasable articles, and post-flood management are just some of the landscapes that can be found in this app.
If you want to keep your audience from dwindling, you need to remain consistent and devoted to them, even if these strategies may help you recruit followers and increase your reach by around 20%. Twitter is a great social media platform since it allows you to broadcast your skills globally.

A Riot

Crowdfire’s straightforward interface and handy mobile app have made it a favorite among proprietors of little enterprises. Those who sign up for Crowdfire’s most affordable plan, Plus, can connect up to 10 accounts from various social media platforms.
Crowdfire released Mentions in 2018; it is a hub for clients to track their brand’s mentions on Twitter. Sending alerts to your group’s inbox allows you to keep tabs on remarks, comments, and responses. The following are additional aspects of Crowdfire, in addition to Mentions:
Responding to social media mentions has never been easier than using the Crowdfire app. Blog posts can be scheduled in bulk—staff expansion and administration.
Spend less time searching through data thanks to Crowdfire’s social media analytics, which provide insights at the profile, post, and competitor levels.
There is no cost for the first Crowdfire account per social network. Starting at $7.48 a month, Premium plans are affordable for sole entrepreneurs and small organizations.

Control Flitter

If you have more than 1 Twitter account and want a centralized hub from which to schedule posts, see analytics, and manage your accounts, then you need Manage Flitter. The standard monthly fee for each user account is $12, with the cost increasing to $49 for each user account if corporate services are required.
Powerpost allows you to schedule your tweets at times when they are most likely to receive the most views; reusable posts, permission management, and custom branding are also available through Manage Flitter, as is the ability to find inactive accounts, identify fake/spam accounts, review your followers and those you follow, search for accounts and tweets, export accounts, view analytics, and receive email reports.


Owlead’s main selling point is that it helps you increase your Twitter following quickly and easily.
The system can identify your ideal customer base by categorizing, filtering, and pinpointing your most valuable accounts.
In addition to boosting your follower count, this strategy ensures that you’re attracting genuine Twitter users who are genuinely interested in what you offer.
Owlead achieves this by letting its customers choose audience criteria, such as terms in a Twitter user’s profile, to target their messages to the right people.
·       Language
·       Location
·       Gender
Then, Owlead will automatically follow (and unfollow, if required) 50 similar Twitter accounts daily.
In addition, you may notify the platform about a leader or rival in your field who also uses Twitter to draw in their followers.
To help you better understand your audience, including their demographics and interests, Owlead also provides analytics data and the ability to track daily audience development.
There is a free trial for ten days, after which monthly plans start at $19.


Using Buffer, you will see a dramatic upsurge in the number of people visiting your Twitter page. Using this tool, you can determine which of your tweets receives the most attention and interaction and then schedule the others to be published automatically. Costing from $15 to $399, Buffer has plans suitable for both individuals and businesses.

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Hootsuite is an online service that enables users to coordinate many social media profiles in one convenient location. Individuals and commercial enterprises alike can make use of this tool. They have three separate plans that range in price from INR 1915 for ten profiles to INR 7540 for 20 profiles to INR 45000 for 35 profiles.
The package includes one hour of personalized instruction, primarily social media accreditation, one-click scheduling, key performance indicators, team message assignment, customized analytics, exportable reports, fully configurable approval procedures, and round-the-clock support.
Hootsuite makes it easy to monitor and plan social media posts. Your social ROI will be tracked and improved upon as well.

Tweetie 7

Tweepi is an AI-powered app designed specifically for Twitter that helps you gain followers.
By leveraging AI, you need to invest a little time every day on the application since Tweepi builds your following automatically.
Additionally, you’ll have a greater mental bandwidth for higher-level planning tasks like content creation and brand development. Tweepi’s AI-driven method for managing Twitter entails the following steps:
Make a profile: Include relevant hashtags and user names for the subjects you’re interested in.
To save time and effort, Tweepi uses artificial intelligence to scour Twitter for the most exciting posts and users.
You can get more people to shadow you by 100 times in 100 days if you do the following: Like Owlead, Tweepi filters out irrelevant followers to focus on the most important ones.
Tweepi has a monthly starting price of $10.75, with an annual plan costing $129.

Rite Tag

Everyone uses hashtags under their postings, sometimes to describe the image and other times for no apparent reason. However, if you use the right hashtags, you may be able to attract more people to your post and hence a larger audience.
Improve your visibility and get new followers with Rite Tag’s up-to-the-minute hashtag suggestions for visually engaging content based on your fundamental hashtag interactions and searches. Rite Tag has a $45 monthly fee and a free trial period of 7 days.

The Final Analysis

·       Building an organic Twitter following is difficult regardless of whether you use the above methods.
·       Have sincere conversations with people
·       Promote high-quality content
·       Frequently retweet tweets that are relevant to your follower
·       Tools like this should not replace your core strategy while using Twitter but rather augment it.