Best trekking places in Karnataka


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Situated in the Southern part of the country, Karnataka is home for various trekking spots that offer mesmerizing scenery, beautiful locations and adventurous treks that will make you fall in love with the place. If trekking is your favorite activity to do, then let’s go to Karnataka. What are you waiting for? 

               There are many treks here each offering their own glamor and site. Trekking in Karnataka will offer you one of the most breathtaking experiences. As there are several treks you can choose one that’s near to you, and based on its availability, season and time you can go ahead with your trek. The best time you can go on treks is during the monsoon. With the foggy weather it gives you different chills that you experience once in your lifetime. 

 Some of the best trekking places in Karnataka:

  Each of its treks includes a whole new level of enthusiasm and adventure. 

Kumara Parvatha Trek

One of the most challenging treks at the 2nd highest peak of Coorg is the Kumara Parvatha Trek, also known as the Pushpagiri Trek. It is a journey with yourself and nature. It is often accomplished over the course of two leisurely days and covers a distance of about 25 to 28 kilometers from the base. The hike will have a maximum altitude of roughly 1700 meters above mean sea level. The trek will be rewarded by the breathtaking vistas, enormous rocks, and cold breeze at the top. 

           The dense forest and the thick foliage give you immense shade and make your journey wonderful. The sounds from the forest come alive during this. The jungle is full of wild animals who avoid the trail. You can spot a few species of birds and snakes that are visible to the trekkers. The road to the trek is very difficult and challenging. 

       You will witness the Shesha Parvatha before you reach the main site. Locals state that deity Subramanyas footprint is present at the peak. Believers worship at the temple present there and say it is a holy place. 

       During summer it becomes difficult as the area is more prone to forest fires. The forest area makes the trek even scarier as you are surrounded by greenery and animals. Upon reaching the point you get to witness one of the best sites that make the journey worthwhile. 

          There are several travel companies that organize treks to this place. Local guides, guide the tourists and give them prior instruction and guidance. You can reach this place by road, rail or air. 

              Are you excited to risk the Kumara Parvatha Trek for a memorable journey with your friends or partner? The view is worth the struggle. 

Kudremukh Trek

This is known as the 3rd highest peak in Karnataka. It offers an ideal place wherein you feel like you are touching the clouds. You cross paths with the open meadows and various streams that add serenic beauty to your thrilling experience. 

Z point trek

Situated in Kemmangundi it offers exquisite views of the Western Ghats. If you are someone who wants to watch the dawn and the dusk then this place is for you. With its picturesque views and mesmerizing location it takes your breath away. The trek is challenging as it passes by the lush green valleys, deep ravines and beautiful surroundings that make it easier and difficult at the same time. 

Kodachadri Trek

The Kodachadri hills serve as an amazing backdrop of the evergreen forests. They’re located above the Western Ghats at a height of 4411 feet above the mid seal level. The trek gets completed in 1 or 2 days and is 14 kms to and fro. It is a good experience for beginners and adventure lovers. 

BabaBudangiri Trek

Situated in the mountains of Chikmagalur, this is also called the Dattagiri Hill range. The shrine present here is believed to have connection with Guru Dattatreya. The trail contains beautiful kurinji flowers that are found in the Nilgiri hills and the overall journey makes it a memorable one. 

        There are several other treks like the Narsimha Parvatha,  Nishani Motte, Dudhsagar trek,  Sakleshpur, Mullayanagiri Trek and several others. Karnataka is a one stop destination to get all your trekking dreams to light. 

        Prepare yourself well in advance and take all the necessary items with you. Plan your itinerary so that you don’t miss out on some places. Get yourself thoroughly checked and carry necessary medicines with you. Wishing you luck and success as you take the world by your story!

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