Most Famous Beaches of Pondicherry


India is a land of numerous beaches, the coasts have beautiful natural backwaters lined with coconut palms, which makes them one of the most convenient places to be. The vacation spots are always crowded with tourists who travel from all around the world to spend a few days there. There is no large stretch of beach anywhere in Pondicherry in fact there is a small stretch of about 2-4 kilometers in most of the places. It does not mean that these beaches are not famous beaches or we should avoid them, there are other facilities too along with the beach which attracts a huge crowd to just make one stop place. I am a web designer, a blogger, and an internet geek who loves traveling, so to enjoy my free time I decided to explore a few famous beaches and decided to share my experience with you guys.

Chandipur Beach:

The town’s southernmost beach, Chandipur is a great place for swimming and sunbathing. With its white sand and clean water, this beach is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The beach also has a number of hotels that offer good accommodation options at affordable prices. The town has a number of restaurants serving both Indian and international cuisine. It’s also home to several pubs where you can enjoy live music with your friends before heading back to your hotel room to sleep off the excitement. This beach has become increasingly popular with backpackers over the last few years as well because it’s easy on the wallet compared to other beach destinations in India like Goa or Kerala.

Vellankanni Beach:

Vellankani is located about 3 kilometers away from the city center and is home to some beautiful churches built by Portuguese missionaries centuries ago. The beach itself is not very popular among locals or tourists but it does get quite busy during weekends when people from Chennai come here for picnics or religious ceremonies held at one of the many churches in this area. The beach is not very clean and neither is the water but it does have some good restaurants nearby where you can grab a quick lunch or dinner before heading back home. Vellankanni Beach has become popular among locals and tourists over the last few years because of its proximity to Chennai city.

Camayee Beach

This beach is located between Kailash Beach and Auroville Beach resort pondicherry. It is surrounded by coconut trees and palm trees, making it look like something out of a postcard or movie set. The water here is also very calm, making it ideal for swimming or just relaxing on a beach towel with your toes in the sand! There are also several little huts selling snacks and drinks at this beach!

Kailash Beach

Located near Camayee Beach is Kailash Beach, which was named after an Indian goddess who was known for her beauty and purity. This beach has white sand and clear blue water that makes it perfect for swimming! It also has several little huts where you can get drinks or food when you’re ready for a break from the sun. There are also many trees here that provide shade and make it feel like you’re on an island, away from everything!

Sleeping Buddha Beach

This beach is located about 4km from the city center. It gets its name because of a statue of Lord Buddha which is situated here. The statue was built by French architect Roger Fouquet in 1984 and has become a major tourist attraction in Pondicherry. The beach also has a restaurant called Sea Shells which serves delicious seafood dishes to its customers. The beach is surrounded by coconut trees and offers an excellent view of the sunset over the Bay of Bengal which makes it an ideal location for sunbathing or spending time with friends or family members. It is also a good place for swimming as the beach has clean and clear waters. The best time to visit Sleeping Buddha Beach is during the months of October and November when there are hardly any tourists in Pondicherry.

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