Kodachadri Trek: Everything you need to know about the Trek.





    Kodachadri Trek, one of the best treks in India, Karnataka holds several hidden gems that rekindle your adventure spirit. And one of them is the Kodachadri which is located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka which is around 20 kms away from Kollur. It has a lovely background of the famous Mookambika temple that attracts a wide range of tourists you come in to worship. It is famous for its glorious sunrise and sunset that make the experience spectacular. 

The trek is divided into two parts:

During the first half of the trek one passes by the Hidlumane Falls after which you go through the dense forest. You will find a temple here which is worshiped by many devotees who come to take blessings and offer their prayers. The only mode of transport here are jeeps, after which you have to walk because of the uneven roads present. Here you witness the feeling of staying amidst the flora and fauna. You can set up your tents and experience nature to the fullest. 

       The second part of the trek starts from Shankara Peetham. Here you see the 40 feet high iron pillar that stands in front of the temple. It is believed that the Goddess Mookambika used this to kill Mookasura. 

     There are several traveling companies that offer you packages at cheaper rates with well trained guides who take you through the way.

       Rainy season is avoided as the road becomes dangerous causing accidents. Summer is proven to be very hot and isn’t comfortable to climb. Plan your day well in advance. This place is a one stop destination for photographers and photoshoots. One can get the best clicks that are worth the climb. 

   Do’s :- 

  • Wear trek friendly clothes. 
  • Carry your first aid kit and include medicines for cold, fever, bandaids, Dettol, hand sanitizer etc.
  • Always carry your water bottle. 
  • Carry light snacks so that you don’t stay hungry during the trek. 
  • If you are visiting during November – December carry your jackets and woolen sweaters as the weather is comparatively cold.
  • Wear shoes or boots. 
  • Carry cash with you as the signals are rare. 
  • If you are a first time visitor make sure you stay in the group. 
  • Talk to the locals and make new friends. 
  • Carry a backpack.
  • Carry your power bank to charge your phone. 
  • You can also take board games just in case you get bored during the trek. 
  • If you are a reader, take your favorite book that you would want to read in the lush green forests. 
  • Take basic sanitary necessities.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Beware of leeches hence wear socks that go up to your knee.
  • Carry coffee in a flask .

Don’ts :- 

  • Do not eat heavy food before you start the trek. 
  • Do not litter the place. 
  • Do not carry matchsticks or any items that tend to generate fire. 
  • Avoid taking plastic covers as they do not get mixed with the soil easily.
  • Do not be completely dependent on online payments.
  • Do not carry valuables during the trek. 
  • Avoid consuming alcohol before you start the trek. 
  • Do not go alone.
  • Do not depend on Google maps to show you the way. 

Other General information about the Kodachadri Trek

The time taken to reach the trek is five hours and it covers around 15 kms. The best time for this trek is from September to February because the weather around is safe and pleasant. The leak is at an altitude of 1343 m above sea level. The western side hill descends steeply for about 1220 m, as it meets the forests of the Udupi district. The name Kodachadri is derived from the Sanskrit word Kutaja, meaning Jasmine. The very famous philosopher and theologist Adi Shankara is believed to have meditated at this peak. There are several mythological stories that are surrounded here. 

                The place is known for its serene atmosphere and breath taking views that one gets to see upon completing the trek. As it passes by the dense forest, one gets to connect closely to mother nature. 


The Kodachadri Trek is one of the amazing locations that one can find. It is easy for beginners to climb. Also known as Jasmine hills one can smell pleasantness and colorfulness. The forests of the Kodachadri hill are home to various wildlife like King Cobra, Malabar Langur, Leopards and various other animals. The stones found in these hills have magnetic properties of Ore Zinc and Manganese. 

         There are several other famous treks present in this region. The restaurants offer fresh food that give you chills and thrills. 

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