Why outsourcing Google Ads management is a better idea?


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

PPC advertising is one of the most effective tools for businesses to bring traffic to their website. On a global scale, companies are currently spending around $144.8 billion on PPC campaigns and this is going to keep on increasing in the future. Also, since businesses are making $2 on every single dollar spent on PPC campaigns, they are not in the mood of stopping or reducing the budget for PPC campaigns. 

But just because PPC campaigns give quick results and help businesses improve traffic doesn’t mean you can be lenient with the way you strategize, implement and track your PPC campaign. Although Google Ads Management is easy to use, it is imperative for your business to have a Google Adword management professional in place to improve returns and keep track of the progress. 

This might not sound like a practical idea for SMEs since they can’t hire professionals for every aspect of digital marketing but they can surely outsource Google Adword management and simply opt for Adwords management services.

Still not sure whether you should outsource Adword management or not? Let’s take the most popular reasons why you must outsource Google Adword management without any second thoughts. 

You might end up spending more money on mistakes 

The up-front cost of launching and managing a Google Ad campaign can be much more than your expectations and this is why many SMEs don’t even think about choosing any kind of Adwords management services. Still, there are many small businesses that have started to embrace services offered by an Adwords management company instead of keeping Ad management in-house. 

You might be thinking that you will save money by not hiring an Adwords management company but the truth is, you are going to spend more on undoing amateur mistakes in the Google Ad account. 

A successful Google Ad campaign is much more than just using the launch-it-and-forget-it approach and the only way you can make the most of your Google Ad campaign is to opt for Google Ad management services. 

It is not easy to track PPC campaigns 

Just because you have launched and optimized the Google Ad campaign doesn’t mean you have done everything possible to make your campaign successful, as tracking the actual source of sales is also an integral part of any PPC campaign. 

It is necessary to properly track and report the live PPC campaigns as it further helps you in fine-tuning the campaign. This can only be done by setting up an HTML tracking code on your business website. 

Only a professional Adwords management company can help you in keeping track of your PPC campaign and they even provide detailed reports of the performance. So, even if your digital marketing team has the know-how of how to set up and launch a Google Ad campaign, they will still need the required skill to track it and this is where the in-house digital marketing team fails. 

Agency partner benefits 

By choosing an Adwords management company that is a certified Google Ads partner or Microsoft Advertising partner, you can enjoy a long list of unique and effective features that won’t be available in-house. 

All the certified Google partners have direct access to tools, promotional vouchers, programs, resources, support, even and so forth and so on. This allows the companies offering Adwords management services to better serve their clients and this is why Google Ads management companies offer cutting-edge PPC services. 

With the certification of partnership, you can even be sure about the quality of service offered and the transparency as not everyone gets this certification. 

Spend more time on core business 

A vast majority of entrepreneurs and small business owners lack the skill required to effectively design, launch, manage and track PPC campaigns. This means if you are going to deal with Google Ad campaigns on your own, you are going to waste a significant amount of time exploring the feature and then mastering them. Also, since small business owners already wear many hats, the addition of Google Ads management to their to-do list will make things more complicated. 

In such a case, you will see your company growing better when you outsource Google Ad campaigns to a third party. By choosing AdWords management services, you are better able to focus on your core business and thus contribute more towards the growth of the company rather than wasting time learning Google Ads. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or even a marketer, if you need to avoid costly mistakes and don’t want to waste time, you must outsource Google Ads management to a third party. Companies offering PPC campaign management services have the process, people, and plans to excel at Google Ad campaigns and they prove to be budget-friendly as well.