Top eCommerce Portal Development Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Digital Presence!


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

The eCommerce business is currently the most profitable in every corner of the globe. You should be aware that the eCommerce sector will expand at a CAGR of about 22.9% through 2027, which is why so many individuals choose to work in this lucrative, developing, and thriving area.

But since so many players are in the eCommerce industry, there is fierce competition, and the only way to stand out from the crowd and reach out to the customers is to build an impeccable eCommerce portal. Since the website of an eCommerce business acts as a digital shop, it should offer a seamless experience to anyone visiting for the first time or the 100th time. 

The world of eCommerce development is not easy to catch on to since everything about the digital platform changes with time. From algorithms and new trends like voice search to the market and customer perception. In such a chaotic environment, it is common for people to make mistakes during the eCommerce portal development process. 

To keep on the safe side, we have listed all the possible eCommerce portal development mistakes that people usually make. 

Untrustworthy Design 

You might find it surprising, but in the digital world, the website design is factored in by the visitors while trying to gauge how trustworthy the business is, and this is what you should always keep in mind during eCommerce portal development. Many eCommerce businesses have failed miserably even after having splendid products because they had website designs that needed more convincing. 

You should never try the website design yourself, as it is always better to leave these things in the hands of professional and experienced website designers and developers. Make sure to use a trustworthy website design that is up-to-date, and you should always choose a modern theme instead of relying on traditional themes that don’t look professional. 

Lack of Response Design

It might not be a common eCommerce portal development, but you can still find websites that no longer use the responsive design they once used to do. The one thing you can’t overlook during portal development is that the website needs to function seamlessly, regardless of the device used to access your digital shop. 

Since 51% of the population is now buying things through their smartphones, you also have to optimize your website for mobile devices. A visitor shouldn’t experience any difference regarding your brand, whether he is using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to visit your website. To be on the right foot, you can use a widely tested theme with confined customizations unless you are working with an eCommerce portal development company.

Technical SEO Errors 

eCommerce websites are virtually prone to more SEO errors than websites of all other businesses. These obstacles can make it difficult for the costumes to find your website even if you have the right solution for their problem in the form of a world-class product or service. Your eCommerce business can only thrive with impeccable SEO strategies and implementation. 

Here are some common SEO mistakes you need to stay away from-

  • Duplicate versions of the same page 
  • Broken links 
  • Keyword stuffing in website content 
  • Pages that can’t be reached from any links to your website

Complicated Shopping Carts 

If you are witnessing an increased number of abandoned carts, there might be some things that could be improved in the shopping cart process. Customers prefer speedy checkout and payment after deciding what to buy from a website, and if there is any issue in the shopping cart process or if there are many steps involved in the process, there is no surprise why the number of abandoned carts is increasing. 

In addition, you should work with your eCommerce portal development company to ensure the shopping cart process doesn’t force customers to make an account to checkout. If a customer has decided to buy your product, there should be no obstacle in placing an order and making the payment. 

Empty ‘About Us’ Page

If you haven’t chosen a company that offers custom eCommerce development, chances are, you will be in the rush of finishing your product and home page, and in a hurry, you will forget about keeping the ‘About Us’ page in your list of priorities. Plus, many new eCommerce businesses skimp on the ‘About Us’ page, but you shouldn’t do it. 

People visiting your website want to know about your business before making a purchase; this is why the About Us page matters so much. You can use your About Us page to give a unique selling proposition, so take time to make you About Us page as informative and memorable as possible. 

Be aware that eCommerce portal development is a cakewalk, and you can do it without custom eCommerce development services. There are many ways of ruining an eCommerce portal, especially if you don’t have the tool, expertise, and experience to get things done precisely. So, if you wish to thrive and subdue the eCommerce sector’s fierce competition, you should avoid the mistakes mentioned earlier.