What are The Few Features Which Make The Glass Cabinets The Best Choice for Your Showroom?


Glass display cabinets are the widely used cabinets which can be found in almost any retail store and showrooms. These form the basis of all sorts of arrangements of the products and the showcasing items that are to be displayed in these showrooms. But before you go for buying these units for your retail house, the very genuine question of its safety and security comes to the mind. How safe are these cabinets, what are the features, what are the pre- installed benefits and what are the other features that can be added to it? These are a few questions, the answers to which will be found in this article. So, if you are someone looking for the overall features of these cabinets then, this is the right article for you.

Let’s discuss a few features which makes it buying these cabinets worth it for your showrooms.

Sturdy Aluminium Edges

You might have thought, how do this glass walled cabinets manage the weights on their edges and how safe is that. These retail displays though are at times entirely made up of glass but also have a strip of aluminium towards the edges which provides an equal weight distribution of the glass walls and brings the overall weight to towards these strips. This therefore makes it strong, sturdy and a reliable option for the safekeeping of various precious items and antiques.

Toughened Glass

In order to maintain the safety and to make sure that the glass walls of these display counters are strong enough, the toughened glasses in the place of normal glasses are used. These glasses have the capacity to endure heavy weights and are not easily breakable. Usually, the various kinds of jewellery shops, antique selling showrooms, etc are the hotspot of all sorts of robbery and burglary, therefore, in order to make it safe and secure from such attacks. The toughened glasses are used. These glasses will to a great extent help in keeping your items, visible yet safe from any kind of unwanted mis happenings, that can for an instance take place.

Pre- Installed LED Lights

There are various kinds of display units and checkout counters which feature the most expensive or the most antique collection of the season. These pieces become the item that is to be featured and kept safe at the same time. So, in order to make this possible, such expensive and unique item are placed in the glass cabinets which have a toughened glass, a strong and sturdy base and at the same time have LED lights installed in them which will provide the item with the needed light and shine as per the requirements. The LED lights at times come pre- installed in a number of cabinets while in others, you can get it customized according to your choices and requirements. Make sure that you choose a light which magnifies the beauty of the product placed inside but is at time same time flexible enough to suit the other items as well when you replace the item.

Security Locks

For every glass cabinet, the security locks installed in them plays a significant role. These locks are made from toughened aluminium and are not easily breakable. This endurance and the strength of the locks makes it a very genuine choice for the retailers as locks are something which is easily tempered by the burglars and other such elements. A toughened glass along with a toughened and a trustworthy lock will not only provide much needed safety to the items placed inside the box but, will parallelly provide the owner as well with the peace of mind about the safety of the items placed inside these counters.

Summing Up

The glass display cabinets and the counters are the most safe and secure options for storing and arranging your valuables in the showrooms. Since, these are one of the few things which must be kept securely yet displayed to the public, it becomes very necessary to check the strength and the toughness of the cabinets in which they are placed. These counters have almost everything which makes them the safest option for storing your precious and the semi- precious items.