Want to make a Career in Architecture (B Arch): Here are the options!


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Umer Malik

B Arch is an undergraduate degree course that offers theoretical and practical knowledge to students to learn the art of planning, designing, and constructing physical structures of any constriction project. The course of B Arch colleges in Delhi NCR makes you a professionally qualified architect who can do all the work from mapping and overseeing the constriction. An architect is a person who works as per the client’s demand and has a quality of a designer, professionalism as well as entrepreneurship. 

Career after completing B Arch 

After completing your degree from top B Arch colleges in Noida, you can have a number of opportunities in the government and private sectors. You can work as an architect and can work in the office and on-site. Your job role is wider than just the field, as you can work as a freelancer, in an open consultancy office, or in the government sector. Graduates can choose to pursue a master’s degree program in architecture to get in-depth knowledge. Completing a B Arch degree is extremely rewarding as you get many career opportunities:

1. Landscape architect 

You can work as a landscape architect and design outdoor landscapes like infrastructure, agriculture m public spaces, and forestry. You can work in areas like stormwater management, environmental restoration, and recreational areas with a degree from B Arch college in Delhi NCR. It is the best option for you if you enjoy working in nature.

2. Urban planner

 B Arch degree gets you to start a career in an urban environment as it is an exciting career path for architects. It encompasses everything from economic and demographic changes to sustainable development. It is not vital but difficult responsibility in the profession that requires adaptability and large-scale problem-solving. 

3. Restoration architect 

The course will make you an expert restoration architect who critically understands our culture as a discipline. They are professionals who specialize in preserving and conserving historic buildings and monuments to prevent them from deterioration. They are an integral part of a project from conception to completion. 

4. Political architect 

Architecture is much more than just the creation of beautiful objects as it plays a vital role in the organization of society. From planning to developing smart cities and to renovating old cities, political architecture is a fascinating field for graduates with a degree in hand from the top B Arch colleges in Noida

5. Extreme architect 

Extreme architects are a job role done by experts who design buildings to withstand natural disasters or arctic winters or are just ecologically friendly. They don’t just study design but must have a depth understanding of construction and engineering. They especially need advanced skills in STEM-related fields to make designs a reality. 

6. Interior designer 

With a degree from B Arch college in Delhi NCR, you can build spaces as an interior designer as well. You can pursue M des and give life to a place, whether commercial or residential. Working as an architect and interior designer will make you go a long way and offer many job options.

7. Architecture journalist 

People with a B Arch degree can work with magazines and other printing informative industries that look for experts who constantly research and create content for readers. This is another exciting and evolving profession popular in India and abroad. You can work with online publications, architecture-focused journals, and magazines.

8. Building surveyor 

 With a b arch degree, you can work as a building surveyor who surveys and gets the infrastructure’s value. It can be residential or commercial, either for sale or for taking a loan. To get into this job, you must have deep knowledge of architecture engineering and a surveyor license. 

Architecture is a wide profession, and its viability goes beyond the degree an aspirant gets. Delhi Technical Campus, the top B Arch college in Noida, offers the degree to aspirants and ensures many architectural career opportunities as an architect.

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