Tips to Optimise The WordPress Layouts For Mobile Traffic


The way people access information today has changed dramatically. Most of the time, we spend more time on mobile devices when it comes to reading news, shopping, or even browsing websites. It is important to optimize the websites for mobile if you want to reach all mobile users. Optimizing WordPress websites for mobile users is all about adjusting the website content in a way that automatically fits all the screen sizes of the mobile device.

It will ensure that visitors Hun access the website from mobile have a personalized experience. You can drive maximum traffic to your business’s digital assets if you optimize the WordPress website for mobile users. You will also stay in better touch with clients, and your short content pieces are very easy to share updates as the usage and need for mobile devices are ever increasing Important to have a WordPress website for mobile.

Some of The Most Amazing Ways To Optimise WordPress Websites for Mobile Users:

The layout of your website plays a huge role, as it helps the potential customer to get more engrossed, stay on the website, and might convert into a final consumer. Here are some of the excellent ways one can optimize WordPress websites for all mobile users.

Consider using a responsive WordPress theme:

Experts offering Responsive WordPress development services suggest that you make a mobile-friendly website using a responsive theme. Your website might look great on the desktop. But if you are not using a responsive theme, which can adapt the content to multiple screen sizes, you are surely missing out on the huge amount of the target audience and, of course, the business. With a responsive mobile-optimized theme, you do not have to run a custom mobile website alongside the typical desktop site.

Responsive theme managers show the content in an eye-catching way, irrespective of the screen size. Most of the modern WordPress themes are available in the theme directory on the official WordPress website, and they’re mobile-optimized WordPress themes that support responsive designs.

Unable to Google accelerated mobile pages in WordPress

For quite a long time, the page speed of web pages has become a factor for Google algorithm first time. Additionally, Google advocates flawless user experience irrespective of the mobile or desktop users’ first top for the same reason; they have developed accelerated mobile pages, which aim to load web pages quickly on mobile devices and make a mobile-friendly website.

As page speed is a search ranking factor, accelerated mobile pages make web pages faster for mobile devices. You can easily set the accelerated mobile pages on the WordPress website, provided you use the right plugins at the right time, and you can optimize the WordPress website for mobile users.

Use the plugins for mobile-optimized content

Some plugins are available on the WordPress plugin repository if setting up the responsive WordPress theme is not a great alternative for you. It is because these plugins have vanilla designs that cannot be customized per the theme of the responsive design.

Use optimized images and load them well

If your website takes a lot of time to load because of the huge images that you are using on the website, then this might frustrate your users to a great extent. More than half of the audience will never browse the website if your website loads in more than 3 seconds. Hence in a short time of just 3 seconds, you can make or break the first impression of your website for your target audience. Hence image optimization becomes one of the most important steps to ensure a website is available for the go target audience.

WordPress takes care of this as the version is 4.4 and serves the smallest version of the image available on the server. For websites running WordPress 4.3 or even below, this can be a huge incentive to easily upgrade major speed games without installing new plugins. Hence if you are concerned enough to keep your website, like WordPress plugin themes, updated, new updates will likely fix all the bugs.


You need to ensure that you don’t use full-screen popups if you want to make a mobile-friendly website or a blog. The full-screen popup features a call to action for the website, which can be one of the best ways to engage your target audience on the desktop, but these popups will be frustrating for the mobile target audience. Hence the major reason for this because full-screen pop-ups are not designed for mobile browsers and, in many cases, hamper the speed.