Start Multi-Service Business Like Gojek Clone in Indonesia


With a Gojek  Clone App, it is easy to launch a multi-service business. A Gojek-like business allows you to offer your customers single-click booking of on-demand services including hiring beauticians, bidding for handymen, video consultation with doctors, taxi ride booking, and more.

Let’s start the development of your multi-service app right away!

Launch a Successful Gojek Clone Business in Indonesia

In 2022, you have the technology to launch a business that helps your make millions in the shortest possible time. Popularly known as clone apps, these are the ‘replications’ of existing apps like Gojek, Uber, Postmates, etc.

How can you launch the business in just 7 days? Well, the clone apps are pre-written codes that do not need to be built from scratch. Therefore, this pre-built code saves a lot of time that otherwise goes into designing, coding, building a prototype, perfecting the working demo, testing it, and much more.

Take the Gojek Clone App Demo Trial First!

Test the demo app for a considerable time. YES! Take the trial first before you purchase the app and begin with the development.

The demo app trial gives you a better understanding of everything such as:

  • The features and services that you should add to the app.
  • Where to integrate the brand name and logo.
  • Which color or theme to add?
  • Is the quality of the app good?

Once you try the demo application, you get the idea if this multi-service solution is worth it or not. If you think that is the perfect app for your business requirements, place the order.

A white-labeling firm that is genuinely interested in making your Gojek-like business a success from day 1 will connect with you in no time. Discuss your requirements with the Sales Team and then the Project Manager.

White-Labeling the App Takes Only a Couple of Days

The development of the Gojek Clone App takes only a couple of days because the app is ready-made. The development team white-labels the app quickly so that you can launch this multi-service app under your brand name!

What happens during white labeling?

  • The firm integrates the features and services you need.
  • Experts also integrate the languages, currencies, payment, and SMS gateways of your choice.
  • The color or theme of the app is changed to match your logo.
  • Your brand name and logo are added everywhere on the app.

White labeling gives a completely new identity to the app and a unique appearance. Moreover, the firm ensures that nobody ever comes to know who has developed the app.

Submission to the App Stores

Once the app is white-labeled and developed according to your requirements, you can review them. After you show a green light to the developers, they will submit the apps to the iOS and Android App Stores.

Once the apps are submitted, the App Stores check if the Gojek  Clone App has followed all the guidelines and standards or not. If they are in accordance with the App Stores and their guidelines, the app is approved.

However, if they are not, the apps are rejected. Now, the white-labeling firm will provide you with App Rejection Support. Under this, the firm goes through all the possible reasons why the app was rejected, makes the corrections, and again submits them to the App Stores.

Your App Is Ready for Download

After the submission and approval by the App Stores, your app is now available for download.

Your customers can now download and install them. They can use it whenever and wherever they want to.

All this is done in just 7 days!

Don’t Waste Time on Money-minded Firms!

There are several firms on the internet that claim to offer the best Gojek  Clone App.

Although, you as the entrepreneur needs to be very careful about which white-labeling firm to choose. Therefore, to help you find a perfect match for your requirements, compiled here is the list of things you should consider:

  • They must have at least 10 years of experience in the industry!
  • The firm should have launched more than 1200 apps!
  • They must agree to sign the NDA.
  • They must zip and send you a lifetime licensed source code for one domain at no extra cost.

In Conclusion:

On the whole, the Gojek Clone App you purchase must be robust, bug-free, and mature. If it has at least these three qualities, congratulations because you have found the best solution.

Get your hands on the Gojek-like app and start a multi-service business in less than a week! Connect with the Sales Team to know more.