Snapmaker Metal 3d Printer Price


What are the most important factors you should look into when considering the metal 3d printer price? Knowing this will help you get the best value for your money, and that you enjoy maximum functionality from your metal 3d printer. 

The cost of a 3d printer is highly dependent on the upgrades and available features. When calculating the cost of a 3d printer you would like to get, it is very important that you factor in the additional cost that might incur. This includes materials and accessories not included in the 3d printer package, and the shipping cost.

If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality metal 3d printer, then Snapmaker is your best bet. These machines are very user-friendly, and they can be used by anyone regardless of their level of expertise. Currently, the Snapmaker 2.0 modular printers are the most affordable models. In this article, we will look at the correlation between metal 3d printer price and their functionality.

The f350/f250 model retails at a price of $999, making it the cheapest 3d printer on the website. This modular printer is the lite version of the A350T/A250T series, and it offers a large working surface and decent features. As a lite version, the F350/F250 only offers a 3d printing function. While this might sound limited, it is very user-friendly. This makes it the perfect model for amateurs and beginners. As you continue to sharpen your 3d printing skills, you can enhance the functionality of this metal 3d printer by getting Snapmaker 2.0 add-ons and modules.

For this metal 3d printer price, you get newly designed linear modules, a 3d printing module, and power module, a controller, a 5″ smart touch screen, a magnetic heated bed with a detachable print sheet, Snapmaker Luban software, and 1 kg spool of PLA filament. This metal 3d printer comes with a one-year warranty.

With the metal 3d printer price at less than $1000, the Snapmaker 2.0 F350/F250 is the best deal in the market.  Here are some of the other features and upgrades of this 3d metal printer.

The upgraded cooling system in the F350/F250 allows the machine to combine high levels of accuracy and fast speeds. This allows you to print larger models at faster speeds. On the other hand, the improved motion-controlling algorithm helps to improve the coordination between the linear modules and the extruder. This solves problems such as overflow, cracks, and gaps, and it ensures you retain the quality of your print during moderate to high-speed printing.

The noise reduction chip substantially reduces the amount of noise produced during the printing process. The lead optimization on the linear module ensures a fast and stable working speed. This ensures that you don’t have to compromise quiet printing for speed.

This metal 3d printer also comes with a power module improvement with a much quieter fan. The fan’s speed automatically adjusts based on real-time temperature. In turn, this reduces the noise level by about 16db, making it easier for you to focus on other work.

As a machine that only offers a 3d printing function, the F350/F250 comes with a powerful controller. The innovational controller area network, (CAN) bus technology guarantees efficient and stable data transmission. As a modular printer, you can customize your machine and increase its functionality by getting dedicated add-ons and modules.

Although the metal 3d printer price is pretty affordable, even though it comes with an all-metal design than improves the sturdiness needed to print larger objects. It is manufactured with high-performance aluminum alloy and processed with anodic oxidation. This ensures the machine is reliable and durable.  

Other subtle yet important features include a flexible print sheet, auto-leveling, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This way, you d not have to struggle with cables and USB devices Read more