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Digital Signage, also known as Narrowcasting, is a multimedia system that can be placed on location at retail outlets worldwide. The messaging presented by the digital signage is customized and targeted towards that particular target market, and is usually altered based on environmental factors such as season, time of day or day of week, as well as for reasons that are unique to the outlets’ sales items and cycles; items that need a push or attention drawn to them, or items that are moving quickly and could use an upsell.

Digital signage is a great tool for retailers because it offers the benefit of instant modifications, customizations, and re-focusing of messages. This cutting edge technology is also very cost effective, considering the huge point of sale implications and android digital signage potential that it offers. That elusive and murky point of sale stage in the consumer buying cycle is finally open to effective and consistent retailer messaging with properly implemented narrowcasting services.

Narrowcasting is quite easy to manoeuvre as well. At most, you can contact your digital casting provider and have them make virtually instantaneous alterations to your messaging.

Although Digital signage is now taking the retail world by storm, there are still a few organizations that are sitting on the fence when it comes to investing in this technology. Although the general benefits are clear, there is still the unknown. Is this technology difficult to utilize? Is it cumbersome and expensive to operate? And perhaps most importantly, how can I make digital signage work for me?

As we have already covered, narrowcasting is both cost effective and easy to utilize. The question remaining is “how can we make digital signage work for you?”

First, it is important to understand that digital signage does not provide the same experience as regular television viewing. This means that it will not be effective to take an existing 120, 60, or even 30 second spot and use it as-is for this medium, regardless of how tempting it is to attempt to get more use out of that previously made, and very expensive, creative. That is the bad news.

The good news is that, if you find the right digital signage provider, that agency will already have a media design team in place to work with you, or your ad agency, to create or even repurpose existing ad content. The team can take your above mentioned 30 second ad spot and easily and inexpensively customize it for your in-store digital signage. This expert advice, combined with your excellent grasp of your sales cycles and market, will help drive interest, brand awareness and sales.

To ensure that digital signage works for you, work with your provider to create specific and creative content that reflects your needs and your customers’ needs. As an example, a grocery store owner may want to quickly sell some overstocked children’s vitamins. Perhaps, however, this would not be the product to feature on a Saturday evening. The grocery store might receive much more favourable results from featuring discount DVD’s and a sale on potato chips.

What Makes A Good Digital Signage Solution?

If you want to find the best digital signage provider then you must first know what makes a good digital signage solution. At first glance, you would think that all companies who offer these systems are all the same. Even their products and services look the same. But a closer look would reveal that these companies are not created equal. And that is why you need to choose a provider carefully. You need to know the traits of a good provider and that is what you will learn here.

The Word Good Is Subjective

First of all, you need to understand that the word good is subjective. What is good to some may be bad for others. You should choose a digital signage solution based on your needs. This is why you should have a list ready of the things that you need from a provider. A good solution should also be affordable. If you are just new to this form of advertising, then it is not advisable that you spend a big amount of money right away. Expensive does not necessarily mean better. If a provider is cheap but meets all your needs, then by all means, hire that provider.


A good digital solution is flexible. This means it should be able to adapt easily to the ever changing world of advertising and promotions. It should be able to handle many different kinds of campaigns. Avoid solutions that are cheap but will not last you for a long time. Invest in a flexible solution. This will save you money in the long run. As an advertiser, you should be aware that content changes all the time. If you will get an inflexible solution, then you might find yourself buying new solution for your other needs. That will definitely cost time and money.


A good digital solution should not cost you a lot of money. If it cost a small fortune, forget about it no matter how good the system menu board is and no matter how extensive the service is. A good digital signage solution gives good value for money. You should know exactly what you are paying for.

If it is your first time to go to digital advertising, then you should not put all your money in it. Indeed, advertising is important but it should not break the bank. These are just some of the traits of a good digital signage solution. I suggest you search for the best company that will help you in finding the most suitable solution for your business.