NBA 23 – Update 1.08 Patch Out Now


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Umer Malik

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Following the recent ‘Transcendent’ promo packs, NBA 23 has just implemented a brand new update – Patch 1.08 – that changes many in-game content to ensure better gameplay experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s a brief look at some of the update’s major changes:



  • Court floors now have “Black Lives Matter” logos for all WNBA teams.
  • Last year’s Championship banner has been added into the Golden State Warriors’ arena.
  • Cosmetic updates to Milwaukee Bucks’ and Philadelphia 76ers’ mascots.
  • Basketball players’ face and appearance updates.
  • Etc.


  • Resolved issues that conflicted with custom difficulty levels.
  • Put-backs are now more frequent.
  • The use of adrenaline boost while running off-the-ball during attacks is now disabled.
  • Body-up animations have been improved.
  • Solved issues regarding the Coach’s Clipboard, allowing ACE Tempo and Rebound settings to function properly.


  • The extra blue-coloured three-point lines on Cleveland Cavalier’s court in “The Shot” and “69 Points” have been included.


  • Performance optimisations have been implemented in City.
  • “Daily Pick ‘Em” results will now appear and give rewards correctly.
  • UI updates to Pro-Am and Event.
  • Solved disconnections issues occurring during intros of City and Ante-Up.
  • Squad players will leave Pro-Am Walk-On together as intended.
  • A few others.


  • Quests and player progression updates and balances have been made.
  • Fixed a glitch that freezes the game when opening 2K Beats after creating a custom track.
  • Seasonal quests now track stats between different saves accordingly.
  • Progression for vehicle-related quests has been improved.
  • Solved issues pertaining to progression problems with certain J. Cole music quests.
  • The Leadership feature has been streamlined and improved upon.
  • Certain additional changes.


  • MyTeam modes and menus have been updated, especially for Season 3.
  • Position Lock is now disabled in Unlimited, GameDaty, and Tournament game modes, though it is still available for other multiplayer modes.
  • UI changes for Ascension and Draft.
  • The camera will now stick properly to the controlled player in Triple Threat Online: Co-Op.
  • Camera changes in all Triple Threat modes, keeping the 3-point arc visible when the ball is under the basket.
  • Limited Time Events’ bonuses now displayed correctly according to their respective periods.
  • Tons more!


  • Stability improvements made to MyNBA, MyNBA Online, and The W.
  • Fixed a freeze that would happen in The W online.
  • Resolved multiple issues occurring in subsequent MyNBA seasons when beginning a playthrough in an earlier era.
  • Rectified a problem that happens when loading a save with less than 23 teams in it.
  • Many others!

If you haven’t touched NBA 23 in a while, now might be a good time to do so before many Season 2 content becomes unavailable when Season 3 drops on 2nd December (Friday).

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