7 Important Tips for Starting Your YouTube Gaming Channel


You might have heard about Mumbo Jumbo, PewDiePie, and DanTDM which are popular channels for gaming on YouTube with billions of views. MrBeast has an excellent 25 mn subscribers base. Also, there are thousands of channels to compete with. We are sharing some important tips for starting your YouTube channel.

7 Important tips for Starting Your YouTube Channel

Focus on one game 

It is tempting to create videos on different video games but I recommend you focus on one game for creating a faithful audience and for longer-term benefits. You might be interested in posting different game videos per fortnight due to its increasing popularity but there are some technical issues. YouTube suggests to the audience about gaming video updates and if you stick with one game, it will recommend your videos to the viewers again and again. For your refreshment needs, enjoy Mate Mate for refreshing your mood.

Get the right equipment 

For making and uploading videos, you need some gaming gadgets we are suggesting.

Microphone for YouTube videos: many gamers like a voiceover in video games while playing their favourite games and should give viewers a clear voice to follow actions.

Screen reading software: As you play your games, you will also need some software for capturing the actions on your consoles such as PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, etc.

Digital camera: This can be a mirrorless camera, DSLR camera, or webcam. You will need to record the games yourself.

Lightning for YouTube Videos: Don’t leave the audience in darkness and show your face with a well-lit shot.

Green Screen: Lots of gamers use a green screen so that it does not show the background of the player.

Focus on Keywords while choosing the Channel name

Naming your gaming channel is equally important and it is not that difficult. If you follow our tips, you will have a great name for your channel. Tips for choosing your channel names are:

Easy to spell

Easy to remember

Reflect on your gameplay

Fewer than 70 characters

Good keywords

Avoid offensive and profanity language

Examples are ‘The 100 Percent Zelda’ and ‘The Poke Daxi’.

Avoid the Let’s play trap

So, many gamers upload their Let’s play videos and we don’t blame them for it because these are fun and adventure watching them. The problem with let’s play is that you are new on YouTube and people are not your subscribers. Big channels have a large subscriber base and can upload and even get millions of views. So, don’t expect 2,00,000 views on let’s play videos as a beginner. If you are in the middle of your video uploading and stressed, feel energetic with a MateMate drink for relieving some stress.

Join a gaming community to Find YouTube Ideas

The most challenging task of running a channel is brainstorming ideas but you can get lots of ideas by joining like-minded people online and can get ideas from there. Try to find out in the community:

Significant updates about games

Different aspects of gaming that excite users

Different questions newcomers have about the games

Upload weekly gaming videos

Ideally, you should post at least one video weekly. It is so because YouTube suggests your videos to the viewers and if you start posting 4 videos every day, it will distract the audience’s mind and you might face subscribers issues later. Don’t go insane about posting videos. Go slowly and increase your subscriber base.

Research YouTube video topics before you start recording

You need to brainstorm on the video titles and believe me, some weird titles also work. You have to find the title which goes well with your video. You can watch other creators’ videos and what type of keywords they are using and what creators are posting to get some new ideas for video titles.