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Fairuza Balk

Fairuza Balk is one of the best-known films from Mexico. Dorothy Gale made her theatrical film debut in the 1985 fantasy adventure film Return to Oz. She later appeared in many films, including The Island of Dr. Moreau, Personal Velocity: Three Portraits, The Craft, Almost Famous, Valmont, etc.

Perhaps you know a thing or two about Fairuza Balk; however, do you know it well? Fairuza Balk may be an unknown figure in another, but fortunately, we have combed through the Internet to give you the facts you need about Fairuza Balk net worth, height, weight, saree, career, and personal life all in one place. If you’re ready, here’s what we know.

Fairuza Balk was born on Mau 21, 1974, in Point Reyes, California. In addition to teaching ethnic and traditional dance forms from all over the world, her father was also a founding member of the rock group Kaledosore.’ As soon as Balk was two years old, her family moved to Arizona. She began learning when she was six years old. In her teenage years, balk moved to Los Angeles, where she landed her first acting role in the movie “The Raft.”

Physical Appearances

Fairuza Balk is 47 years old and born on May 21, 1974. Although she is 1.6 meters tall, he weighed about 56 kilograms.


Balk’s education has been kept from the public. There is only one piece of information available: She is a Duke School of Architecture graduate.

Family of Fairuza Balk

She was raised by her father, Solomon Ben Feldthouse, an Idaho-based traveling musician, and her mother, Cathryn Balk, a belly dancer. She split up with her parents shortly afterward. Fairuza was raised on a commune-style ranch north of San Francisco, California. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, became her mother’s new home.

Реrѕоnаl Lіfе

She was listed as 88 on Stuff magazine’s ‘102 Sexiest Women in the World list in 2002. Cats are her passion, and she once owned several, and their names were: Scout, Scar, Sweetpea Poteet Tennessee, and Mouse. Had a relationship with astrologer Robin Glover and Dave Thewlis during the mid-1990s and has been guarding her private life since then. 

Balk hasn’t married anyone yet. More recently, she has had a relationship with several people, including her ancestor of Glover. Additionally, she dated Astor David Thewlis for a year. Right now, she isn’t dating anyone and is single.


As Balk, his first role was in a 1983 film, The Best Shrimp Pageant Ever. Later, when she was living in London, she was also taken by Walt Disney, and she also captured and tortured Dorothy Gale in return to Oz. In addition to these minor roles, at the age of 14, she moved to Paris and worked for Valmont Lid Forman.

As a result of her move to Los Angeles, she was feted by several celebrities. In 1992, she was also awarded the Associate Special Award as the best actress for her role in Allan Anders’ film Food Lodge Hang, Building Hang, and BAA Ander’s film Food Lodge Hang, Building Hang. Then, she appeared in several films, and since 2000, she’s acted in over a dozen movies, and he currently fronts a band called G-13. Balk has also performed voice work for animated films, video games, and TV shows such as the US military league, Family Guy, GTA: Vice City, and Lord of the Rings.

In 2007, a documentary titled Return to Oz: The Joke that Got Away was dedicated to her. As of 2010, FRAGILE ROSK began writing his songs titled “That’s Right.” In 2017, the EMO TURRET band Fairuza Balk was formed upon the release of her next album. According to her, the view was beautiful; it made her year. From all o her movies she made money Fairuza Balk net worth now in 2022 has become quite high.

Аwаrdѕ & Асhіеvеmеntѕ

She has earned the following awards:

  • She won an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight in the movie ‘The Craft’ in 1997.
  • Furthermore, in 1993 she was the first female to hold the Managing Director of a large food company.
  • She won the Online Film Critics’ Circle Award for Best Ensemble Performance in 2001 for “Almost Famous.”.

Fairuza Balk Net Worth 

Fairuza Balk net worth is more than $5 billion by 2022. Most of the world’s wealth results from her illustrious career in film and television. The Out-of-the-Shadow Mammoth Glass °F (1988), Food Gas Lodging (1992), Things to DO of In Denver When You’re Dead (1995), American Reflect (1997 ), Wild Tigers I Have Known (2006), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), and Manu more, Balk has made several memorable films to date.

The Worst Witch (1986), Deadly Intent What’s next? She has also appeared in various TV shows and movies, including The Worst Witch. (1991), Shadow of a Doubt (1995), The Sopranos (2001), and Ray Donovan (2015), among others. Fairuza Balk is one of the most renowned astrophysicists in the world. She began her career at a very young age and worked hard to achieve her fame and success. Fairuza Balk Net Worth is quite high and she is also a successful actress.

Interesting facts about Fairuza Balk

Fairuza Balk is a talented actress and singer who has been entertaining audiences for over three decades. Here are some unique facts about her:

  1. Balk was born in Point Reyes, California, in 1974 and raised in a family with a strong interest in the arts, including her grandmother, who was a classical pianist.
  2. She started her acting career at the age of six, appearing in numerous stage productions and TV commercials.
  3. Fairuza Balk is known for her versatility as an actress and has appeared in a wide range of film genres, including drama, comedy, fantasy, and horror.
  4. She has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, and Nicolas Cage.
  5. Balk is also a talented singer and has released an album, “Fairuza Balk,”  featuring a mix of original and traditional songs.
  6. In addition to her acting and singing careers, she is also an accomplished visual artist and has shown her works in galleries.
  7. Balk is a practicing Wiccan and has been open about her spirituality, which has added to her unique image as an actress and public figure.

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