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Are you in your Birthday month and still haven’t decided where to go and celebrate it in Bangalore? Well, fret not; we’ve got you covered with the recommendations! You need to figure out how to know what you like because we’ve got everything for every kind of person covered up here! From an introvert to an extrovert! From a gamer to a foodie! You’ll find all those here! We’ve five recommendations for you to check out and decide which one you like best or is most well-suited for you! So, hop on! 

Here are the five best birthday places in Bangalore


PVR Cinemas are one of the best out there because of the standard maintained. It’s also famous for its luxurious and comfortable experience cinema right near you. And going to watch a movie for a birthday is a fantastic place to be and enjoy. You can have some good popcorn and food in the food court. There’s food straight delivered to you in cinemas’ seats like nachos or fried chicken and burgers with diet coke, and it’s all fun to have and experience! 


Escape rooms are a fun and thrilling adventure, and you’re bound to love them for sure! Breakout Escape rooms are a fantastic place to be at. They have four exciting escape rooms that you can play alone or with a team of your family and friends. They also have two premium rooms for your thirst for extra adventure. So, don’t forget to miss out on that! They also organize a birthday cake for you to celebrate there, so it’s a lovely and comfy experience. You can experience various escape rooms as well as events when you visit here. This is going to be a fun time for you and your family as well as friends.  


Visiting a bookish café in Bangalore might be the thing for a nerdy, bookish introvert like me. They’re super sweet and kind and do beautiful wonders for the bookworm inside you. You can get a load of modern outtakes on food there and even a cake for yourself to be arranged by them to enjoy and have fun! Then they also have a great collection of books to choose from sometimes! We recommend Café Terra and & Leaping Windows to check out in Bangalore! 


This is a fantastic Pirate-themed restaurant with ships, sailors, pirates, and black skull-themed flags everywhere! The staff is like crew there, and the whole design is themed like a deck of an actual ship and made purely from wood. The food selection is fantastic here as well. They serve North Indian and Mughlai food there. They also have a buffet, barbeque, and live fish counter. It’s an excellent heaven for a non-vegetarian. So, if you’re vegetarian, beware, as there won’t be many options to choose from. Its all-wooden furnishings to enjoy too. Black Pearl is the name of the haunted/cursed ship that is discussed in myths or legends. OR if you’ve just seen “Pirates of the Caribbean,” you’ll know what I’m trying to discuss here. It’s a great restaurant to enjoy on your birthday and take fantastic pirate-themed photos here. 


Last but not least! We have Birthday Bumps for you! They organize special themed birthday parties and surprises for you directly catered to your specific needs! They are genuinely there to make your special birthday more special around here. They are designed precisely to your heart’s content; each birthday is specially curated for that person. Their cost package starts from 2500 rupees, so it’s not that expensive to have if you’re contempt on having a specially and beautifully crafted birthday!


I hope you check these places out in Bangalore, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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