Evolving Fashion of Dubai


Fashion from London and Paris has now reached Dubai, Although, they don’t have their own fashion identity still now the change in people’s lifestyles and dressing sense can be distinguished as it has evolved. 

Traditional dresses are a symbol of cultural roots and touch with ongoing traditions. Though people have started adopting the modern culture still there are true Emiratis who still wear traditional clothes, they have rarely changed in terms of clothing. 

Initial clothing

The traditional dress of Emirati men is dishdasha also known as thawb or kandura It is mostly white in color and loose in fitting, up to ankle-length, and of cotton fabric. Formal kandura is full sleeves whereas, informal is half sleeves. Moreover, along with white, it is also available in subtle colors such as brown, beige, grey, etc. Although, their style can be distinguished from country to country. One visible difference is that Emirati kandura are without collars.

In addition to completing the traditional attire is to add on a Gutra. They are headdresses, in square pieces of a scarf to protect themselves from the burning heat. And to have a hold on the scarf, they use agal. They come in a range of colors and patterns and fabrics like Iraqi wool, and many more. Although they are not in fashion still are worn.

Traditional clothing of women is Abaya, Kaftan, Hijab, burqa, and many more. Abaya is the traditional dress of women and is in black. It covers the whole body from top to bottom except the palms and feet. On the other hand, Kaftans are loose long, and short clothing. It is also known as Jalabiya. It is almost the same as men wearing kandura women have kaftans with loose pants known as sirwal. 

Moreover, to cover their heads hijabs, it is a symbol of culture as well as modesty. It is of lightweight fabric such as georgette and chiffon so that women can breathe easily. Also, headdresses and face veils come under the hijab. 

Modern style clothing

Although modernization is there still there is nothing in particular that can be known as trendy or identical clothing. But traditional dresses have started to evolve to go with the trend to some extent, and all the credit goes to the designers. With their creative ideas, they have given new meaning to old clothing. 

For instance, earlier abayas were only available in plain black color. But these days embroidery and other embellishments along with choices in colors are available. Moreover, kaftans also they are of various types, long, short, printed, embroidered, and more. 

Furthermore, Hijabs which were also of one color and were a necessary piece of clothing, are now a fashion statement, that people are using. With creative styling, women have started to play with colors and patterns. In addition, earlier accessories were not given so much importance, but modern jewelry that goes both on traditional and western wear is very much in use.            

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