What Is Curly Mullet Woman Hairstyle? Some Interesting Information Unfold


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Hairstyles are always one of the prominent attributes of everyone’s personality. If you have good hair and style them well, it will add an extra point to your beauty. Styling hairs have been a part of human life since the beginning. Everyone wants to look better in the sense of hairstyle, especially discussing women’s hairstyles. In this article, you will learn about one of the ancient women hairstyles, which has been loose its value after one or two decades of its introduction. This hairstyle, in general, is called curly mullet women hairstyle. 

But now this style is again starting getting its popularity back. The way this hairstyle penetrated the fashion industry, it looks like this hairstyle is not come to disappear again. This style will go a long time in the fashion and style industry because many stars are adopting this hairstyle.

Do mullets go well with curly hair?

This traditional aesthetic is undoubtedly striking, yet it works in a plethora of different contexts. Long mullets can be worn with straight, wavy, thick, or fine hair. It also requires very little care. Style the hair to the front and let the back fall naturally.

Curly Mullet woman

In this woman’s hairstyle, the hair is made shorter from the side of the head and makes them grow longer from the backside. The hairs from the behind are made longer in this style to protect the neck from heat and rain. Beautiful spikes have been made on the edges of the hairstyle, which gives this hairstyle a very classic look. More information about the ups and downs of this hairstyle is described below in this article.

Why did the curly mullet woman’s hairstyle get fame?

When the curly mullet hairstyle was introduced, people did not pay a lot of attention to this hairstyle. Society does not like people who are found with this hairstyle. Until famous rockstar David Bowie chose this hairstyle for his hair, Bowie adopted this hairstyle in the 1980s. The hair color of
Bowie is orange, and when he adopted this hairstyle, this hairstyle got a lot of popularity. It is considered that the Bowie era is the golden age for this hairstyle. This hairstyle was introduced to the public in the 1970s and got its peak in the 1980s. But after that, slowly, people start disliking this hairstyle. In the 1990s, this hairstyle lost its vast popularity, and people again started to dislike this style.  

Modern days popularity of curly muller women’s hairstyle

After the 1990s, this hairstyle is wholly gone from the style world for two decades. In 2021 this style again gained popularity. But this time, the old mullet style did not come back. There are many variations and changes being made to the curly mullet hairstyle today. After this, changing this style is adopted by many famous personalities and famous hairstylists. The famous personalities who are the main reason for the popularity of these styles are:

  • Zendaya
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Dolly Parton

When people look at these personalities choosing curly mullets for themselves, this style became the top trend in 2021. Even now, in 2022, the curly mullet woman hairstyle did not lose its significance.

What are the essential points that you consider while making Mullet Haircut?

Now curly mullet woman haircut is on top trending lists of the modern era, and you want to see how you can make this hairstyle? The unique hairstyle looks more stylish with shorter hair, giving this style a sexier and trendy look.

Here are the points you must consider while making a curly muller hairstyle.

Over, all lengths of the hairs

The first step that you have to follow is to achieve a specific hair length. The stylists recommended the one-inch size to perform all around the head for getting a comparatively better curly mullet hair cut. The length gives you more opportunity to tell your stylist what you want.

Getting brilliant length from the backside of your head

Getting brilliant length from the backside of your head is the key to a better look at your curly mullet haircut. The hair from the back should not be too shorter or too long. This style is to be made by your stylist. After properly making this style, you can use this style as a casual haircut.

Balance haircut

The total length of the hair must have a good balance. The front side of the hair must match the back side of the hair. Your front side hair should also be moderate in length if you choose a moderate length for your hair from the backside. The hair must not have any separation from front to back.  

After knowing much about mullet hairstyles, it’s time to look at some mullet haircuts.

Curly Mullet haircut woman

Sharp textures Curley mullet haircut

Sharp texture mullet hair cuts always look fantastic, while this haircut applies to curly hairs. This style is usually adopted in the summer. In this style, the top side of the hair length is significantly narrowed down, and the side of the hair resembles the top side. Spikes are made of the curly backside of the hairs.

Effortless haircut

This is a very casual mullet haircut. In this haircut, the cutting is done so that the hair looks when you first see them. The length is comparatively lengthy on the top side of the hairs. The back of the hair length is cut in a stepped manner. The top side hair is thicker than the backside of the hairs, where the thickness of the hairs narrows down.

Extra lengthy mullet haircut

The curly hair’s length is consciously made lengthy in this mullet hair. The hair is cut in a way that looks very fuzzy. And all hair cuts are made in choppy style. Hair from the backside is so long that it will come over your shoulders below the chest. Amazing curls have been made on the top of your head. This hairstyle also gives you a rough look. So, no need to worry much caring about this hairstyle.

These are some examples of curly mullet woman hair cut.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can you apply a mullet haircut on curly hairs?

Yes! Curly hairs are the best choice to apply a mullet haircut because the unevenness of the curly hair makes them perfect for the mullet.

  • What are methods that you should adopt while having a mullet haircut?

You should adopt several ways while having a curly mullet woman haircut. In these ways, your hair’s hydration, trimming your hair regularly, and drying with a diffuser can help you have the best mullet haircut.