Who Is Patti Labelle? Patti Labelle Net Worth, Early Life, And Other Facts


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Patti Labelle

Patti Labelle is a famous American citizen. The reason for her fame is that she is a well-known singer. Additionally, some of her fans gave her the title “Godmother of Soul” and “The Queen of Rock music.” If that type of title is given to a singer, it is not necessary to explain her introduction of her. However, despite her fame in this article, you will learn a lot of untold information about your favorite personality. This information includes Patti Labelle net worth, early life, career, and other important and exciting information. Keep reading to learn more about the article.

The early life of Patti Labelle

Pate Labelle is a multi-talented star as she is at the same time a well-known and well-praised singer. She also wrote many songs, so after evaluating and listening to her written song, one can easily assess that “she is an excellent songwriter.” Her third talent is her remarkable ability to act and perform. This ability made her a fantastic actress. She started gaining fame from her all-time famous vocal group, “Patti Labelle and the Bluebells.” After the group disbanded, she became a well-known solo artist. Her solo song has become her identifier.  


Labelle, born in 1994, is a songwriter, singer, and actress. And she celebrates her birthday on the twenty-fourth of May every year. Patti Labelle’s mother is Bertha Holte, and her father is Henry Holte. Her father was a railroad worker by profession, and her mother was professionally known as a local helper. There are three children in her family. Patte Labelle is the middle child of her parents. Patte Labelle’s parents chose separate ways for their life and were divorced when she was only a twelve-year-old child.

In the early life of Labelle, she was sexually assaulted. One who did crime was a close relative of her. She has gone through a very tragic event in her life. But she did overcome this trauma and lived a successful life.

Personel life of Patti Labelle

Labelle was a married woman and had five children. She got married two times in his lifetime. The first marriage that she has done is with Otis William. This marriage took place in 1964. Otis William is a founding member of the Temptation brand. This marriage was not going well, and they got divorced.

After the divorce, she starts taking an interest in his best friend. Armstead Edwards is the name of her best friend. Finally, she got married to Armstead Edwards in the year of 1969.

Labelle has five children; out of these five children, only one is the biological child of Patti Labelle and Armstead Edwards. The name of her biological child is Zuri Kye Edwards. The name of her other adopted children are:

  • Dodd Stocker Edwards
  • Stanely Stocker Edwards
  • Stayce Holte
  • William Holte

In the 1990s, Labelle and Armstead separated after their marriage did not work out. Their separation did not last, and they got divorced in 2003.

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This performance was organized by best friends LaBelle, the “Godmother of Soul,” & Knight, the “Empress of Soul,” to commemorate the Thanksgiving holiday with colleagues.

Carrer of Patti Labelle

As said earlier, Patte Labelle is a multi-talented woman. She started her career as a singer, as she sang her first song when she was only ten years old. She sang this song in the church choir. Later on, when she entered school life, she participated in school competitions as a singer, where she won the competition. After that, she made a band with the participation of her class fellows.

When she started in her group, she was well appreciated. She started her singing in a group in 1960. Later on, the group’s name was “The Patti Labelle and the Blue Bells” by the local record label “Harold Robinson.” They sang a lot of songs Under the name of this group. Some of the famous songs of that group are as under:

  • You will never walk alone
  • Danny boy
  • Down the Aisle

After the release of this song, some members left the group, which was a significant setback for the group. After that, the group’s name is changed from “The Patti Labelle and Blue Bells” to “Labelle.” Under the name of Labelle, this group sang the following songs.

  • Labelle
  • Moon Shadow
  • Pressure Cooking
  • Nightbirds
  • Lady Marmalade
  • Phoenix
  • Chameleon

These songs, two-song “Lady Marmalade” and “Nightbirds,” gained fame. Lady Marmalade got new heights of success. This song was made on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and sold nearly one hundred thousand copies. “Phoenix” and “Chameleon” can not be able to get success. Due to this, the group met to an end in 1976.

After that, she started singing as a solo singer and gave a lot of hit songs like:

  • Patti Labelle
  • Joy to have your love
  • Dan swit me
  • You are my friend
  • New attitude
  • Stir it up

Along with this song, she has sung to many other sophists. This is how her music career begins and continues climbing to new heights of success.

Along with their music career, she also performs as an actor in multiple movies like:

  • Sing
  • Idlewild
  • Semi-pro
  • Mama, I want to sing
  • A different world
  • Empire
  • Cosby

Along with these movies, she worked in other movies.

Patti Labelle’s net worth

Patti Labelle has done much hard work in music, film, and television. The detail of her work is well defined above. Through all her work, she also earns a lot of money. The central part of her money comes from her musical career. Other adventures also paid her well. In 2022 she will have a total net worth of sixty million US dollars. Along with this much net worth, she also got a lot of fame and popularity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How much tall does Patti Labelle be?

Patti Labelle has an average height as she was one hundred and sixty-five centimeters high from the ground.

  • How many awards did Patti Labelle get throughout her career?

Patti Lavelle is the all-time’s greatest singer, and throughout her career, she got a lot of awards. The major award that she got was nine Grammy Awards.