Best BSc Courses for Best Career Options in 2023


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Umer Malik

Choosing a career path after the 12th can be quite confusing, mainly because your future depends on it. Science students often choose medical or engineering after 12th, but they have yet to learn of BSc course details as it offers an equally successful career. BSc is a 3-year UG course in the science stream and is a versatile program that offers many disciplines to students. The course offers ample career options. It is vital for you to decide which discipline of science you wish to pursue. Let us discuss some best BSc courses after 12th that you can choose from:

1. BSc in physics 

BSc in physics is an interesting professional course that combines practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. To enroll in top colleges for B.Sc. in West Bengal students must score 60 percent in science subjects in 12th. After completing the course, you can pursue MSc to enhance your technical knowledge. Graduates can also pursue a job in the public sector as:

  1. Consulting physicist
  2. Junior scientist
  3. Quality control manager
  4. Astrophysicist
  5. Statistician

2. BSc in biotechnology 

BSc in biotechnology course offers knowledge of various concepts of biotechnology. The technology utilizes biological systems, living organisms, or parts of this to develop different products. The syllabus focus on the biological aspects and subjects that are related to topics like plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, etc. after completing this BSc course after the 12th, you can work as 

  1. Biotech analyst
  2. Epidemiologist
  3. Biostatistician 
  4. Lab technician
  5. Medical coder

3. BSc in computer science 

Information Technology is a booming industry; thus, many top colleges for B.Sc. in West Bengal offer this BSc in a computer science course to aspirants. Computer science deals with computing, programming languages, database systems, networking, etc. The course deals with the systematic and logical study of computers and their applications. After completion, you can work as 

  1. IT project manager
  2. DTP operator
  3. Software Developer
  4. Software architect
  5. Web developer 
  6. Game designer
  7. Hardware engineer

4. BSc agriculture 

Students who have an interest in botany and yet are not interested in joining a botany course.   They can seek out BSc course details in agriculture and enroll in it. The course offers better career prospects than botany courses owing to its vast applications in the agricultural industry. After completion, you can work as 

  1. Agriculture officer
  2. Assistant plantation manager
  3. Agricultural research scientist 
  4. Agro business development executive 
  5. Agro marketing executive 

5. BSc in physiotherapy

BSc in physiotherapy is a course e for those who are looking for a lucrative self-sustaining job with BSc courses after 12th. You can work as a physiotherapist and set up your practice or work alongside doctors. After completion of the course, you can work as a professional physiotherapist in 

  1. Private clinics
  2. Health institutions
  3. Fitness centers
  4. Defense medical establishments 
  5. Rehabilitation centers 

Scope and future of BSc courses

After completing BSc courses after the 12th, students can get a job quickly as they have many opportunities in hand. Students can join fields of study, some schools offer perfect pay packages, or work directly in large companies; students pursuing BSc courses like IT and animation can enter the IT industry. Also, graduates with a BSc degree can get hired as customer support managers in the banking sector. Now you have all the BSc course details before finalizing the course after the 12th. To get into top colleges, students must fulfill the eligibility criteria and score best in 12th to enroll. 

Demand for BSc courses after the 12th in India is high as there are various educational programs that students can choose from. With a degree from a top college for B.Sc. in west Bengal, you can work as you have ample career options in your hands. Out of all, Adamas University is among the top ones to offer BSc programs to aspirants. University focuses on persistent and multidimensional training of students in line with industry expectations and offers hands-on training. 

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