Benefits of Converting Word to PDF And Vice Versa


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

Students and working professionals both do have to use both kinds of files, such as Word files and PDF files. Now, based on the requirements, they have to convert these files. Suppose some candidate does want to send their CV to HR, and in that case, they will have to send the file in PDF format. Just in this way, each of the formats does have its own uses. Several apps and software are present on the internet with the help of which students and working professionals can convert the Word file to PDF format and the PDF to Word.

Students have to submit performance appraisal assignment help in their school or college, and that needs to be done in Word format. Now, let’s discuss the several benefits of converting the word file to PDF and PDF to word.

Benefits of Converting Word to PDF

  • Password-protected – PDF files can be password protected because PDF files are used to share confidential data. For example, you will be applying for an EMI, and then the company will ask you for your last three months’ bank statement. Now the bank statement is confidential data, and you do not want any people to get access to it other than the person. That is the reason it can be said that it is one of the most vital points of PDF files that it can be protected with a password. You will only share the password with the people who need to see the content of the file. Word files cannot be password protected, and they can be opened and viewed by anyone. It can thus be said that in case of security, PDF can be more trusted than Word.
  • Easy access – By easy access, it does not mean that any third person will be able to access the PDF file. PDF can be accessed in all types of OS such as iOS, Linux, and of course in Windows. But on the other hand, MS Word can be accessed with the MS Office app but will you not face compatibility issues? For example, you can use PDF on your iPhone in the right way, but you may face some compatibility issues, or a few features may get missing while using the same app on the iPhone. So on this point, too, it can be said that PDF is more compatible and easily accessible than Word.
  • Visual elements – In assignments, students do need to present images sometimes, and that is viewed in Word in the right way. While in the case of a Word file, you will have to do several reformatting and cropping. If you use a word file, you will have to do several reformatting and spend most of the time cropping and resizing that picture. That is why it is always suggested that if you have to put pictures in your work, then you will have to use PDF format over word files.
  • Reduced file size – Students and professionals do have to put high-resolution pictures on the internet. And you can convert all kinds of files in PDF format if your file consists of high-resolution images. What happens is that writers and even digital marketers do have to upload high resolutions in different portals and websites, and thus this feature of the PDF format is mostly used by them. Due to this reason, it is used by several students and even content writers all around the world.

These four are the advantages of converting Word files to PDF. Now let’s talk about the advantages of converting PDF to Word file format.

Benefits of Converting PDF to Word

  • Easy editing – When your file is in PDF format, you will not be able to make any kinds of changes to your file. In short, you will not be able to edit your PDF file format. In that case, you will need your file to be in Word format. Only in Word format will you be able to easily edit the file in the right way. MS Word offers several editing options, and you can use those tools based on your requirements. Editing features are required by both students and professionals. Suppose a student made something, converted it into a PDF file, and sent it to the college. Now the college got back to the student, stating that he/she needed to make changes in that particular project. It can thus be said that at this point, Ms. Word offers better editing tools and features than the PDD format.
  • Unavailability of PDF reading software – You will read Adobe reader or some other software to read the PDF file. You will have to install it, and if you are unable to do it, then you will not be able to read any of the files which are in PDF format. In this way, accessing word files is very easy. MS Word is installed on every computer, and thus you will be able to access and view the file easily.
  • Instant help in the case of language – MS word does provide several language options, and that is the reason writers all over the world do use this software. You can write in every possible language with the help of this software. This is one more reason to convert your PDF file to Word.

Final thoughts

After this detailed comparison, it can be said that both PDF and Word formats are extremely good. Now students and professionals have to choose this based on the requirements of the task and their work. Each of these file formats does have its own benefits and disadvantages. If you are an amateur and if you do not have any idea about the file formats, then you can view a few YouTube videos.

Using MS Word will be best for the students. They will be able to edit their work in their own ways. They will not have to visit their friends and ask them to ‘python programming assignment help.’ PDF is for professionals for whom the quality and security of their work are more important. Choose accordingly.