6 Amazing Tips To Spruce Up Custom Lighter Boxes Packaging


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Umer Malik

In today’s business, it is quite unwise to throw your products in the market without distinctive packaging.

Exclusively, for lighter businesses, it is not easy to stand out with ordinary and unattractive packaging.

So, the time has come for businesses to ponder over improving their packaging.

This fact will leave you in awe: a survey conducted revealed that almost 72% of Americans’ buying decisions are influenced by packaging designs.

Do you know how you can craft better product packaging to increase your sales and increase customer retention?

If you do not, then this blog is for you!

We have revealed exciting tips to enhance the worth of your Custom Lighter Boxes.

Let us start………….

1-Color counts a lot:

When it comes to marketing products such as lighters, color plays a crucial role.

Surveys and studies show that color enhances brand recognition by 80%. Similarly, buyers have revealed that color is the primary of buying a product.

Nothing beats a custom lighter box printed with iconic and attractive colors in attracting consumers.

Think of attractive colors like Magenta, Royal blue, and Yellow with contrasts to infuse vibrancy and irresistible charm in your custom lighter boxes.

2- Typography has an impact:

We claim that you have hardly seen any box without any words on it. At times, there are words but very rare. However, effective and engaging product box designs always include beautiful and resonating typography raving about your brand and product.

Typography is simply referred as to the arrangement of letters or words. It incorporates stylized fonts in beautiful colors.

Getting artistic and creative with the typography on custom lighter boxes can help to pack a punch! Some important points that should be kept in mind about typography are the following:

  1. Never exaggerate with the words so that they lose clarity.
  2. Typography should be legible

Ignoring these tips can make typography harmful for the custom light boxes instead of being productive.

Typography should be used in such a way that it makes your brand message more clear and vocal. More, this technique makes Custom-printed boxes more productive.

3-Quality of packaging:

Do not forget to put some thoughts into the materials of the lightbox. Flimsy and poor-quality packaging is likely to leave a bad impression on the buyers’ minds.

Definitely, you would not appreciate and also be shocked upon receiving a top-notch quality product in low-quality packaging. Make your packaging the mirror of the quality of the lighters you are selling.

Customers usually expect high-end purchases to come in high-quality packaging.

The same principle applies to graphics. Try using high-resolution graphics.

All these packaging strategies will pay you high and longs-standing dividends.

4-Do Not Forget the inner sections:

Give smokers and other consumers a memorable unboxing experience by showing creativity in the interior sections of the custom lighter boxes. Articles of Custom Lighter Packaging Boxes Wholesale are perfect from the interior side, too.

5- Add some fun:

Fun and creativity are always fascinating to buyers and this helps to pique consumers’ interest.

Since you are selling lighter boxes, altering the box shape creatively to add fun always grabs buyers’ interest.

For example, packaging lighters in conventional boxes, try out boxes in which lighters are housed to have some elastic energy and as soon as the box is opened they come out automatically using that elastic energy.

6- Make the packaging gift-worthy:

At times, you can build a solid rapport with the consumers by offering them products in gift-like beautiful packaging boxes. Lighter Boxes are no exception and grab buyers’ attention when housed in gift packaging. Gift-like boxes elevate the unboxing experience of the consumers.

7- Add Packaging Sleeves:

Innovative and out-of-the-box packaging is a rich source of attracting consumers’ attention.

Try adding packaging sleeves in lighter boxes to make them an affordable and distinctive option for buyers. You can print different smoking scenes on the sleeve to make a resonating rapport with the consumers.

8- Product Photography:

Photographs on Custom-printed lighter boxes are an excellent way to showcase your products in an alluring way. High-quality photographs of lighters can ensure grabbing the attention of potential buyers. Using photos on the packaging box of lighter boxes can make the buyers envision using it while smoking! This can have an accelerating effect on sales.

9- Give them a Sneak peek:

It is gratifying to see the product before even unboxing it. Use die-cut windows to give consumers a cozy glimpse of the product inside. Nobody wants to spend money on a broken or misshaped lighter.

Cut-outs can be in different shapes depending on what suits the packaging of your product. Not only do these cut-outs give a sneak peek of the product inside, but also make Personalized Lighter Boxes hard to pass by on shelves.

Final Words:

Utilize these packaging to better your cigarette lighter boxes to boost sales. You can order professionally crafted custom lighter boxes from a credible supplier at affordable rates.