Best Things to do in Disneyland


Disneyland is for kids. This is the first thing people tell me when I mention that I’ve visited Disneyland Paris. They imply that Disneyland Paris isn’t much to look at and that I’m better off spending my money somewhere else, like on a wild night out with the college kids in Paris. Sure, Disney might be known for its kid-friendly atmosphere, but adults can also have fun in Disneyland Paris. Not only that, but we all need something to do on our time off work/vacation/whatever.

Ride Splash Mountain

This log flume ride is one of the more popular rides in Disneyland and it’s not hard to see why. The ride takes riders down a big hill, through caves, and around waterfalls before ending at the exit point of Br’er Rabbit’s Briar Patch. The best part of this ride is when you get splashed by Br’er Rabbit himself!

Meet Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is always a popular character at Disneyland because he’s such an iconic figure in American pop culture. He can usually be found greeting visitors near his house inside Disneyland or in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle during special events like Halloween or Christmas (it’s also fun to see him dressed up as other characters). If you have time, make sure that you get an autograph from him because he signs every day!

Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

If you love roller coasters then this one is definitely worth checking out! The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a runaway mine train roller coaster that is themed after the Big Thunder Mountain gold mine in Frontierland. This ride is great for all ages and it’s a good way to spend some time on hot days when you want to get out of the sun for a bit. It’s also fun to watch other people ride it because there are so many surprises along the way!

Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Ride this roller coaster, which takes you through a mining town in an old western setting. The ride offers two tracks with different experiences, so ride them both!

Visit Mickey’s Toontown

This whimsical area is based on cartoon shorts that feature Mickey Mouse and his friends at Disneyland. You can find them wandering around and interacting with guests.

Ride Space Mountain: Mission 2

Space Mountain: Mission 2 is just like the original Space Mountain, but it has been updated with new effects including special lighting and music. It’s one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland!

Take pictures with characters at Toontown or Fantasyland

If you’d like to meet some of your favorite Disney characters, head over to Toontown or Fantasyland where they’re waiting to take photos with you! You can also get photos taken in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle or near the Matterhorn Bobsleds for an additional fee (typically $15-$20) it includes in the Disneyland ticket price.

Ride the carousel

The Disneyland Carousel is a great place to start your day. This one-of-a-kind merry-go-round features hand-carved horses, beautifully painted scenes, and even a live band that plays while you ride. There’s no better way to enjoy your favorite Disney characters than on this classic attraction.

Take a walk through Sleeping Beauty Castle

This iconic symbol of Disneyland is much more than just a pretty face — it’s also home to many hidden treasures! If you look closely at the castle, you can see hundreds of little details that make up the structure, including windows with stained glass, gargoyles and even a princess sitting on her balcony. The castle has been restored over the years after being damaged by fire in 2001 and Hurricane Iniki in 1992, but it still retains its historic charm.

Watch the Electrical Parade float down Main Street U.S.A

The second half of our day was spent watching the evening parade float down Main Street U.S.A., which was followed by fireworks at nightfall! It was absolutely breathtaking to see all those floats go by during this magical parade! It was easily my favorite part of our trip as it was such a treat to see all the Disney characters out and about! The music was also very catchy (and I’m still humming it now!) so we were dancing along with our kids while they watched in awe. We even spotted Mickey Mouse himself riding on one of the floats! There were fireworks too, but those were launched from behind Cinderella’s castle so we couldn’t see them as well.


I think my favorite part of Disneyland is the music. Music is all around you when you are at the parks and I really enjoy that they play music from all over time. They have shows, food, and attractions, but to me, music is the best thing to do in Disneyland. If you have not been to Disney Land, I would highly recommend going there sometime soon!

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