Why Should a Person Consider Wearing a Gemstone?


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Gems and precious stones include powerful healing energies that you can acquire in your life if you wear them. There are many people who wear different gemstones as per their horoscope to ensure that they gain the perks the gemstone can get them.

There are manifold gemstones that you can make the most use of . You can check out Khannagems and look into the diverse types of gemstones that are there. This post would get you an idea about the diverse stunning and strong gemstones that can help you lead a happier, satisfying and prosperous life. After all, once you know about them, you can get the best outcomes from them. 

Yellow Sapphire 

This precious and stunning looking stone that represents Jupiter, brings roundedness, stability, and even overall wisdom. It aids you in calming both vata and even pitta and may slightly enhanced kapha qualities. It even strengthens the heart and also builds lung and even kidney energy. Yellow sapphire must always be worn on the index finger, as this is known as the finger of Jupiter.  

Once you wear a good quality Pukhraj stone can beget wonderful fortune and wealth. You could even experience good income in your life and who knows you actually win some cash awards as well.  Moreover, it also helps you with overall clarity in your life. You can be sure that you are clearer about the decisions you make. It can also help you with any delays or issues with the marriage too. So, as a whole, this gemstone is going to help you with your life in every possible prospect.

Pearl or Moti 

Since rubies actually represent the sun, pearls represent the moon. These do have a cooling effect and a calming, and even healing vibration. Pearls are quite balancing to all the doshas, though their cooling action is somewhat particularly good for pitta. Pearls are the ones that actually confer mental peace and tranquillity. Pearl ash is used internally to impactfully treat many ailments. You can conveniently gain numerous of the strengthening impacts of pearls by simply wearing them. Of course, don’t forget to ask the astrologer before you wear the gemstone. It should match your horoscope.

Blue sapphire 

This gorgeous precious stone represents Saturn and brings the advantages of that very spiritual planet. Saturn, a deity of earth and even iron, confers overall enlightenment. Blue sapphire simply calms vata and kapha and could even stimulate pitta. It constructs muscles and the skeletal system and even helps to heal the issues of arthritis. You can wear blue sapphire on your right middle finger, preferably in a silver setting. You must not wear it with diamonds; such a thing might create disharmony.

Then it is also the reality that blue sapphire can help in protection against enemies, hexing, evil eye, jealousy as well as you can feel the alterations soon after you have worn it. In case you think that you get cursed by enemies then you must wear this gemstone. But make sure that you ask the professional astrologer before you wear it. The point is this is really powerful and strong gemstone. If it matches with your horoscope, you can be sure that you get the gains. But if it does not, then you might experience worst experiences. The point is this gemstone can even turn out to be deadly for you if it is not suitable for you.

Emerald gemstone 

This is one powerful precious stone that brings prosperity and spiritual awakening. It calms vata and even pitta, settles the nervous system, and even relieves nervousness. Symbolic of the planet Mercury, emeralds do improve writing skills, overall enhance the power of speech, and endorse intelligence. They are finest set in gold and even worn on the little finger.

The gemstone has amazing capabilities to help you in concentration.  The point is if you feel that your concentration is poor and you get failure because of that then relax. This gemstone would help you for sure. Moreover you must not forget that this gemstone is even known as communication stone. It will help you to express yourself in a more eloquent manner. So, all in all, you can be definitely sure that you get the perfect outcomes in your life.

White sapphire gemstone 

This robust gemstone fights premature aging, augments the span of life, and even cements immunity. Its energy brings overall subtle energy vibrations to the heart, brain, and even that of deeper bodily tissues. It is the finest stone for rejuvenation. It fetches even prosperity and is spiritually uplifting.

Representative of the planet Venus, white sapphire actually do aid to create a close bond in relationships and even are rightfully linked to marriage. These gemstones actually stimulate Shukra, the body’s overall reproductive tissue. Art, romance, music, and all go together with this type of stone. You can choose to wear white sapphire set in silver as a ring on the ring finger.  But make sure that the quality of the gemstone is premium and pure. If the quality of a gemstone is low, it might be ineffective for the wearer.

 Red Coral 

This is one gemstone from the sea that actually represents the planet Mars. It calms overall pitta and helps you to control anger, hatred, and even jealousy. Coral is one gemstone that offers energy to the liver, spleen, and even pericardium. Wear your red coral as a ring in copper and worn on the ring finger. Red coral is strength-giving and gives you alto of gracefulness. You would feel good both in your professional and personal arenas with this gemstone.

Ruby Gemstone 

Ruby gemstone is also known as the King of Gemstones. This precious stone displays the powerful Sun and is popular to communicate mental strength and massive health to the wearer. When men wear this gemstone, it intensify their manhood and dignity. However, when women wear it, it commands passion as well as power. Once you wear this gemstone, it is also going to help you with enhanced spirituality, confidence, creativity, and wisdom. 


To sum up, since you know about so many gemstones already, make sure that you get one that suits your horoscope. Once you wear it, you would experience the perks they bring along. You can talk to Mr. Pankaj Khanna if you have any doubts about any gems. After all, his more than sixteen years of experience can help you make a wise move.

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