Why do we give gifts to one another? 


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Umer Malik

Giving can be a method to express your concern for someone or to acknowledge their concern for you. There is never an especially bad time to accomplish it. But frequently, rather than the receivers themselves, we attempt to compel our displays of affection to suit occasion-specific moulds. 

Of course, there are numerous occasions where giving gifts is a custom, such as birthdays, weddings, and several religious or even cultural holidays. Even if giving presents on these days can seem more routine, it’s still crucial to try to show the recipient how much you care. With advancement of the internet and placement of numerous providers one can easily send gift pakistan.

Motives for Giving 

In light of those facts, the following is a non-exhaustive collection of possible gift-giving situations and suggestions for how to handle them: 


Start by making a call, sending a card, sending an email, or sending a text message to adults. Even those who claim to “hate birthdays” generally want to feel accepted for who they are, and this day marks their “birthday.” Then think about your connection. Is this someone that you are close to, somebody whose preferences you are aware of? Do you want to develop your relationship with this individual more? When any of these questions have an affirmative response, you should definitely get them something.

It isn’t necessary for the gift to be exactly the same as whatever they’ve previously given you in terms of size, cost, etc. To return their kindness and love plus to provide a pathway for additional displays of devotion. (Unless otherwise stated, a little present is generally expected at a celebration for children.) 


Whether it involves a night away, a symbol for continuing friendship, or a mixture of the 2, it’s important to celebrate each year when a couple decides to stay together. There is nothing wrong with using the conventional approach if you are having trouble deciding what to buy. 

Holidays with a classic feel

Labour’s Day gifts, perhaps? possibly not, However, some people now make the right conditions for charitable giving. Even individuals who wish to avoid today’s culture are able to appreciate a display of love. Therefore, it’s valuable to make a call around Mother’s Day or even Father’s Day or send a bunch of flowers on the Valentine’s Day. On something like the National Ice Cream Day, one probably isn’t obliged to subscribe your best buddy to a popular ice-cream brand, however, you also shouldn’t avoid doing so. 

New stages of life

Several of these occasions, such as graduations, moves, births, and deaths, can be commemorated with cards, however if you’re able to think of anything that represents or helps the recipient with their change, share it. It would even be better if it’s something somebody might overlook when under the strain of change: try a carpet for something like a home owner perhaps warm food for just a buddy who is mourning. 

Ceremonial events

In general, gifts to Pakistan can easily be sent for special occasions such as weddings, engagement ceremonies, sweet sixteen, and similar events should cost about as much as a fine dinner. If you and the honoree(s) are particularly close, your gift may be greater than that sum. Additionally, it could be difficult to quantify. If money is tight, another option is to offer to swap your experience for major events. For instance, when you’re a photographer, one could give the engaged couple a free photo package as just a gift. 

There is no occasion

Performing random deeds of kindness, such as placing a nice gift on a co-worker’s desk, mailing a book to such a distant acquaintance, or popping up with flowers simply because you thought things were lovely and desired to share a certain beauty with them.