How to See Who Viewed your Instagram Account?


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Instagram usually doesn’t allow users to check “who viewed my Instagram”.

Instagram allows users to check 

  • who viewed their Instagram story, 
  • Who watched their Instagram reels,
  • Who liked or commented on the post uploaded by the user and also
  • Who checked the Highlights stored by the users on their profile page.

But it does not allow users to see who visited their profile or checked their Instagram because:

It can lead to a reduction in the number of users streaming the Instagram platform.

Since the Instagram Platform has various types of users, 

  • Some people constantly make Instagram stories or reels
  • Some people enjoy posting daily updates about their life or their business
  • Some people use Instagram to stay updated or for entertainment purposes only
  • It is also enjoyed by fans to check their Favorite Celebrities, their daily lives, or uploads posted by them.
  • Also, people who keep regular checks on their close or distant friends and relatives.

Other types of users are also there as well.

But all types of users increase the traffic on the Instagram Platform, and enabling such a feature might affect the usage of the Instagram platform and its traffic can also get reduced.

Users can switch their account from ” Public” to Private or vice-versa.

Users also establish their Instagram Account as a “Business Account”. 

But still after switching to any kind, Instagram doesn’t provide the feature of checking who viewed my Instagram profile.

Ways how to check who visited my Instagram profile:

Many third-party apps allow users to see “who viewed my Instagram”.

But since they are not permitted by the Instagram platform, there is a chance that these apps are not effective and can show random names to make it look real to the users.

The list of such third-party apps are:

  1. The “SocialView” app for Instagram is one of these third-party apps for iPhone devices that claims it can show the user “who viewed my Instagram” profile. 

But, many people have found this app ineffective.

  1. The “Profile+” app is a third-party app that claims that users question “is there a way to see who views your instagram”, is this app.

Again, this app does not work according to its requirements. 

These fraud apps may ask users to avail themselves benefits of this feature and turn out to be useless and a waste of money.

  1. The “Follower Analyzer” app is another app that claims it can show you who views your Instagram profile when in reality it doesn’t do anything of the sort.

These apps are not just ineffective but can also lead to users’ accounts being hacked as they save all login details and put the privacy of the user at risk and can also create threats for users by stealing their conversations and images and videos uploaded by the user.

These third-party apps are highly risky and unsafe. 

Some suspicious activity on Instagram may also lead to users’ Instagram Accounts being blocked or permanently deleted by Instagram.

Conclusion :

Users should not engage in activities that are not legally allowed by social media platforms. They are designed for safe and secure usage of the account, without putting the account at risk of being hacked or blackmailed by any third party.

But by engaging with unknown risky apps, users not only put their account at harm but can also lead to the download of viruses or malware on their device and create a backdoor for hackers.

Besides this, if you are also looking for recovering your permanently deleted Instagram account then, there is no need to get worried about it as Instagram provides an option through which you can recover your Permanently deleted Instagram account. Just read the article, link is given below:


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