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Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Are you in a skincare business and need help to create the distinctive identity of your indistinguishable brand?  No need to go anywhere else. Choose iCustomBoxes. Our beard oil boxes wholesale with the logo design can be a great source to promote your brand.  You can pick out the box’s material, style, and design per your requirements. Usually, beard oils come in glass and plastic bottles and are at risk of damage easily. We make use of sustainable cardboard and eco-friendly kraft paper.  These boxes are a befitting option to keep your oil containers safe and unharmed for longer.   The sizes of oil bottles also vary. Our packaging creators can customize boxes in whatever shape and size you require. You can select reverse and straight tuck end boxes or beard oil boxes with die-cuts. Moreover, you can avail the free creative design assistance of experts.

Beard Oil Packaging with Endless Customized Options:

Beard oils are one of the most essential and expensive skincare items.  So, there is a need to give them luxurious packaging.  The exclusive and trendiest product packaging can do wonders in distinguishing your brand’s items from the competitors. We offer a wide range of personalized solutions for constructing a premium box.  We give a free hand to clients in selecting material, box design, printing inks, and add-ons.  We have discussed all the distinct features of a printed beard oil box below.

Enhance the Value of the Beard Oil with a Die Cut Box:

On our website, you will discover plenty of box design options. But we will suggest you choose a box with die-cut windows. This box style is designed that showcase your brand’s items in front of the audience with die cut boxes. It becomes easy for clients to make decisions and become free from the trouble of unboxing.

Give a Natural Look to The Packaging with Brown Kraft Paper:

Today, people have become very concerned about their environment. The rising threats of climate change have created great awareness among people regarding green packaging.  You can drive out clients’ attention by crafting the beard oil box with brown kraft paper. It is unbleached and easy to reuse, and recyclable. It is a suitable option for the packaging of lightweight oil bottles.

Choose Cardboard Boxes to Secure Beard Oil Bottles from Damage:

As already mentioned, beard oil bottles are made of glass or plastic. So, they are more likely to get compressed or break due to traveling shocks. You can select cardboard boxes. Like kraft paper, these are entirely safe for the environment. Their sturdy nature keeps bottles intact and tight. As a result, these are prevented from striking each other and stay unharmed. Furthermore, cardboard boxes are adapted to prints, laminations, add-ons, etc.  However, if you need boxes for shipping purposes, you can add flutes in the cardboard box to strengthen the box.

Fancy Packaging of Luxurious Beard Oil Containers:

By choosing our premiere quality beard oil boxes, you can add classiness and a sophisticated look to your product’s packaging.  You can select a rigid box in a foldable or unfoldable style.  The rigid material is climate-friendly and strong as well. You can print your fancy box with the company’s logo and additional information about your skincare brand. We suggest you laminate the artwork’s designs with a gloss finish for a shiny and bright touch.  If you have to give dim and sophisticated touch, then a matt finish will be the best choice. Besides this, you can foil stamp the logo image to distinguish the designs. Apart from embellishments, we propose you put foam inserts in the box to segregate the oil bottles. Foam inserts are durable and immune to scratches and smudges etc. So, these are the optimal options for safety purposes.

The Most Popular Box Styles for Beard Oil Boxes:

A unique and special box style can be a great strategy to capture the client’s attention.  We recommend a few box styles for beard oil box packaging that are functional and simple to carry and ship. These include:

  1. Two-piece beard oil box
  2. Box with die-cuts
  3. Straight tuck-end box
  4. Reverse tuck-end box

iCustomBoxes an Ultimate Destination for Beard Oil Boxes Wholesale:

Are you in a cosmetic business and in search of reliable wholesale services? You can put your trust in ICB. Our company is successful in satisfying its customers with top-quality services. Whether you order in massive quality or less, our manufacturing team customizes the boxes with full devotion. They come with brilliant outcomes in a very short time. Order now and avail of discounts on bulk quantity orders. Get connected with us and get benefit from our incredible services.

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