Some tips on how to collab on Instagram with brands


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Jawad Ali

How To Collab On Instagram

If you want to know how to collab on Instagram to create partnerships that will expand your brand’s reach, this article will greatly help you! It is important to remember that collaborative actions must focus on win-win, that is, everyone benefits. Click Here

Therefore, before prospecting or accepting invitations from brands or people, it is recommended to assess whether the planned action favors your business objectives and adds value to your image and the collaborator profile image.

Having analyzed this point, check out the collab options that Instagram offers and five ideas that we have selected for you!

How to collab on Instagram

Knowing how to collab on Instagram combines the useful with the pleasant between brands and content creators who have common points to share with both audiences. The official collaboration feature on Instagram is located in the Feed and Reels Posts setting.

Once you have agreed with the partner profile, which will be the strategy and content to be shared on both profiles simultaneously, follow the steps below to set up the collab on Instagram:

  • create a new feed or Reels post;
  • on the content settings screen, select the option “Tag people” and then “Invite collaborator”;
  • Search for and click on the name of the collab’s partner profile;
  • Click “Finish” and then “Share.”

Content is instantly posted to the creator’s profile, but the guest’s profile post will only appear if the person accepts the invitation. From there, his username will be added to the content, and the post will also appear on his profile.

It is important to highlight that only profiles of content creators and business accounts have access to this functionality. Both can invite profiles from these categories and even a personal account to a collab, but a personal account is not allowed to use collaborative posts.

How to accept an invitation from collabs on Instagram

If you are the profile invited to accept the collab on Instagram, go to the notifications tab or the invitation that will appear in Direct. When you click on the request, a pop-up will appear asking, “Do you want to accept the invitation?”. Click “Accept” to complete the process.

It is also possible to delete the collaboration. A useful feature if the tagging was done in the wrong post. So, go to the content settings and select the “Remove me from publication” option.

Five ideas on how to collab on Instagram with creators and brands

You already know what it is and understand its importance, and now you want to know how to collab on Instagram in practice. Below, we list some useful suggestions for people who create content (digital influencer or not) and, of course, for business brands.

1. Promote your business with collabs on Instagram

As explained above, the collab with the official Instagram feature creates the famous “collaborative post.” It has been widely used to publicize products, services, and special campaigns. The guest profile needs to have an audience similar to your interests, as his account will become a media vehicle, let’s say.

2. Post a giveaway together

Who doesn’t like to win something really good and for free? To engage audiences who would love to win a product or service from a brand, a classic action on the internet is to do sweepstakes on Instagram. Create a promotional policy that assures all parties involved about what can and cannot be done and how the prize will be delivered.

Generally, the mechanics for this collab involve:

  • Following the brands’ profiles.
  • Liking the post about the promotional action.
  • Asking the participant to answer a question or tag people.

The more laborious the participation, the greater the filter of the public interested in both brands.

PS: avoid generic awards that are unrelated to your product. Pay attention to the rules for conducting sweepstakes on the internet.

3. Take part in a product launch

Launching a product is a great opportunity to create in the audience anticipation of a desire for novelty and stir up the public’s curiosity. This curiosity can be based on the profile of who will be invited to contribute to the campaign or what product will be launched.

4. Support a cause through collab on Instagram

Social causes can be strengthened with the support of profiles of content creators and companies that have guidelines related to them in their editorial lines. Some artists and digital influencers, for example, have a lifestyle that prioritizes the conscious use of environmental resources in their routines and finds brands that practice this in their productions.5. Start a challenge or trend.

It is impossible to know what the next trend will be like (content that goes viral and is adapted in several profiles) on Instagram, but it is possible to analyze the elements that make them easy to spread. Some of them are:

  • contain humor;
  • have transition effects with photos;
  • dubbing famous audios ;
  • use your voice to create shareable audio ;

create challenges to be remixed on Reels.

In the case of collabs on Instagram, the challenge may involve using a thematic hashtag in the participants’ content, reusing audio from a Reels or Reels duet/remix. The idea is to use resources that identify the publication of everyone participating in the action.

Now that you have good ideas on how to collab on Instagram and know how to promote your product there, it’s time to study the market and plan your brand collaboration strategy. Content creators, digital influencers, self-employed professionals, and companies have much to gain if they pool resources and their best skills to leverage their messages.