Netgear Router Dropping Connection? Here are the Fixes!


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

In today’s modern era, the need for the internet has become essential, not only for netizens but for every common user around the world. That’s why lots of users opt for Netgear routers to get fast internet connection even in dead zones. Setting up a Netgear router will not only provide you with a stable and uninterrupted internet connection but also boost the coverage of your existing modem by up to 20 percent. In simple words, after performing the Netgear router setup, you will have no trouble accessing the internet.

But, like other networking devices, the Netgear router is also prone to major technical issues. And one of the most common issues that every 2nd Netgear router user face is the dropping internet connection issue.

Netgear router login page is crawling, the firmware update process is taking ages to complete, and there is a never-ending buffering circle while streaming the latest videos and movies. Damn it! What to do to fix the issue?

Take it easy! We have come up with some proven yet effective ways to resolve Netgear router dropping connection in no time. Let’s have a quick glance at them! Keep scrolling down!

Fix: Netgear Router Dropping Connection Issue

Tip 1: Check the Distance Between Your Netgear Router and Modem

3 out of 5 users know that the distance between the Netgear router and modem plays a very important role in getting stronger and uninterrupted WiFi signals. Bear in mind that the farther distance between your Netgear router and modem, the weaker internet signals you will be getting.

So, to cope with the issue, place your Netgear router and modem in close proximity. Also, it is suggested to place your Netgear router and modem in the center-most area of your home, neither inside a cabinet nor under a table.

Tip 2: Improper Netgear Router Setup

Partial or improper Netgear router setup may also lead you to experience the annoying issue. Hence, to fix it, make sure that your Netgear router is set up properly.

Your router can easily be set up using the on-screen instructions provided on the Netgear Nighthawk app. If you don’t want to use the Netgear Nighthawk app to set up your router, access the Nighthawk login web interface and follow the instructions.

Tip 3: Keep Your Netgear Router Away From Hackers

Placing your Netgear router in a corner or near windows or thick walls may result in the dropping internet connection issue. Also, placing your Netgear router within reach of public WiFi networks may also increase the risk of hacking.

Thus, to fix the issue, do the following:

  • Do not place your Netgear router in a corner or near thick walls or windows.
  • Place your Netgear router away from the reach of public WiFi.
  • Disable your router’s SSID.
  • Change the default Netgear router password.
  • Create a separate network for guests. Download the Nighthawk app and enable the guest access feature.
  • Get the firewall security installed on your Netgear router.
  • Set a unique, strong, easy-to-remember but hard-to-detect password for your Netgear router.
  • Change the WiFi channel of your Netgear router. Access the nighthawk router login page in order to select the best and less-congested channel for your router.

Tip 4: Power Cycle Your Netgear Router

Still, your Netgear router dropping connection? If you nod yes, then opt for the power cycle process. Sometimes, a simple power cycle of the device is enough to fix the Netgear router dropping connection issue. To power cycle, your Netgear router, unplug it from the wall outlet, wait for a couple of seconds, and plug it back in again. Reconnect your WiFi-enabled devices to the router’s WiFi and see if the Netgear router dropping connection issue is fixed or not.

Wrapping Up

And with the last troubleshooting tip, our list of the best ways to resolve the Netgear router dropping connection issue ends here. We hope that you are now able to use the internet without any hassle. In the event that the issue remains the same, contact our experts for immediate solutions.