How to Use Tretinoin And Benzoyl Peroxide Together


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Benzoyl peroxide and topical tretinoin are frequently use to treat acne, but many physicians advise against using them simultaneously. Using benzoyl peroxide was once assumed to lower the concentration of tretinoin; however, several studies have demonstrated that this is not a problem. However, when used together, these substances have the potential to irritate the skin and can also dry it out or harm it. Consult your doctor if you are using topical tretinoin Cream rather than the pill form, and be sure to take each medicine according to the directions if you are treating your skin with tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide.

Combining topical tretinoin with benzoyl peroxide

1. For the first two weeks, alternate the two medications.

While using tretinoin cream 0.025 and benzoyl peroxide at the same time is completely safe, some physicians are concerned that it can cause some skin irritation. This is because peeling agents are frequently found in benzoyl peroxide products. Studies have reveal that the two medications can used safely together as long as care is taken to lessen the likelihood of irritation.

  • For the first two weeks, alternate whatever product you use to apply to your skin each day. For instance, if you take tretinoin on Monday, don’t apply benzoyl peroxide until Tuesday.
  • To reduce the risk of irritation, keep switching products until two weeks have passed. Your doctor might therefore suggest that using both products simultaneously is safe.
2. Think about using it at the same time every day.

Your body ought to be somewhat more accustomed to both prescriptions after the first two weeks. You might now wish to think about switching to utilizing both goods at the same time every day. Before making any alterations to your prescription medication regimen consult your dermatologist and inquire about any potential dangers or side effects. 

  • According to some research, using tretinoin 0.1 cream and benzoyl peroxide at the same time each day may reduce the likelihood of negative side effects compared to using them at separate times.
3. Avoid exposing your skin to the elements.

Because retinol is know to promote photosensitivity, you must shield your skin from the sun when using this product. But the affect area’s skin could also get irritated by exposure to the wind and the cold. 

  • Anytime you will be outside in the sun, use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Your skin may still vulnerable to UV damage during the day, even though the treatment is used at night.
  • To protect your skin from the sun and the wind, dress in protective gear. For sun protection, a wide-brimmed hat is recommend, while in cold weather, a scarf can shield your face from the wind.
  • Be mindful that the first six months you use tretinoin are when you are most at risk for weather-related skin damage. When you’re outside in any kind of weather, exercise caution.
4. Regularly moisturize your skin.

Tretinoin cream 0.05 is know to irritate the skin, resulting in symptoms such as scaling or crusting, redness, and warm or stinging sensations. similar to how benzoyl peroxide can result in skin drying out and peeling. Maintaining a healthy level of By maintaining moisture in your skin throughout the day, you can reduce the negative effects of both treatments. 

  • Use only neutral moisturizers and face cleansers while taking these medications. Pick products with either no alcohol or very little alcohol in them.
5. Understand when to visit a doctor.

The majority of these medications’ adverse effects are mild, and with sustained use, they will eventually go away naturally. Some reactions, though, can be symptoms of something more serious, such as a dangerous medicine overdose. If you feel burning, itching, swelling, or significant skin redness or scaling, seek emergency attention right away. according to the instructions on the container and no more than what your doctor or the instructions indicate.

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