How To Install A CPU Cooler In 2023


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Ali Hamza

CPU cooling is one of the most important parts of your PC. Without a good CPU cooler, your CPU will suffer from high temperatures and a slow performance. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to install CPU coolers. Here are some tips: First, make sure the cooler has the right mounting hardware. You can use standoffs to secure the CPU cooler to your case. Best CPU Cooler Providers By World PC Tech

iCue H100i RGB Pro XT CPU cooler

The CORSAIR iCUE H115i RGB PRO XT CPU cooler is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that features a 280mm radiator, two CORSAIR ML140 PWM fans, and 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs on the pump head. This all-in-one liquid cooler is designed for extreme CPU cooling performance.

This cooling solution ships with pre-applied thermal compound on its cold plate and mounting brackets that snap into a groove at the base of the pump unit. The mounting brackets are interchangeable, allowing users to easily adapt this cooler to fit any supported CPU socket. In addition, the pump unit is a centralized hub for the cooler and includes a Micro-B USB header, four-pin PWM fan headers, and 3-pin pump speed control.

The CORSAIR iCue H115i RGB PRO XT is a dual-pass aluminum radiator that uses two CORSAIR ML140 PWM fans. The fans are rated at 75 CFM each and ship with rubberized mounting pads to minimize vibration noise.

Corsair’s iCUE software enables you to customize the CPU cooler settings for optimal performance. You can customize the lighting, adjust pump speeds, and monitor CPU temperatures using the software.

Corsair A500 CPU cooler

If you are looking for an AMD or Intel CPU cooler that offers exceptional cooling performance, you should consider the Corsair A500 CPU cooler. Its fan provides a comfortable cooling experience by spinning at a rate of up to 2400 RPMs and moving up to 75 CFM. The Corsair A500 is built with four direct-contact copper heat pipes that are located at the base of the cooler. Many manufacturers use heat pipes without a direct contact with the CPU, but this cooler has four. The copper heat pipes are placed in a grid of eight to six millimeters in diameter. This allows the fan to distribute heat evenly over the entire CPU. The Corsair A500 is also built with thermal paste, which ensures a secure fit.

The A500’s design is quite simple. The fans slide off easily and the base features two spring-loaded screws. The phillips driver included with the cooler makes it easy to remove and connect. The A500 also features a removable top panel that allows for easy access to the cooling unit. The corsair cooler has a TDP rating of 250W.

The Corsair A500 CPU cooler comes with mounting brackets for AMD and Intel sockets and a quick-start guide. The cooler also comes with an extra tube of XTM50 thermal paste. If you are installing the A500 on a Threadripper socket, you’ll need to purchase the AMD mounting bracket separately.

Corsair H100i RGB Pro XT CPU cooler

Corsair’s H100i RGB PRO XT CPU cooler is designed to be compatible with AMD Threadripper processors. Its copper cold plate and dual 120mm fans provide cooling by pulling heat away from the CPU. Corsair’s iCUE software lets you customize the fan speed and airflow settings to maximize cooling.

The Corsair H100i RGB Pro XT CPU cooler will also come with an integrated water pump head. The cooler’s ML 120 RGB fans measure 120x120x25mm and have an airflow rate of 75 CFM. They are equipped with 4-pin PWM connectors and feature a 12VDC power supply. The fans can run at a zero RPM setting to save power. The Corsair iCUE software also lets you customize the RGB lighting and fan speed.

The Corsair H100i RGB PRO XT CPU cooler uses Phillips-head machine screws for mounting. These are smaller than the ones found on most CPU coolers. For example, the NZXT Z73 CPU cooler uses a standard Phillips #2 screw, but the Corsair H100i RGB Pro XT uses a smaller Phillips #1 screw. If you do not own a Phillips #1 screwdriver, you may not be able to install the cooler correctly. More Info

The CORSAIR H100i RGB PRO XT CPU cooler is shipped in a cardboard box and comes in yellow and black color options. The top of the box has the Corsair brand name and logo. The bottom of the box has a sticker that says the part number and serial number, and iCUE compatibility. The cooler also includes a warranty information booklet and user guide.