How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost? Everything You Need To Know About Acrylic Nails


Last Updated on December 17, 2022 by Hooria Batool

Individuals interested in acrylic nails may wonder how much does acrylic nails cost. Generally, an acrylic nail appointment can range between $35 and $65. The price influences the type of service that is provided and the location where it takes place. Other factors such as additional add-ones for length or thickness, sculptured designs, and whether a specialty product such as gel is applied may also influence the final price.

Following factors affects the cost of acrylic nails:

1. Professional Quality Acrylic Nails

Professional quality acrylic nails can range in price depending on several factors, including what hand they are being placed on, location, and the time of day. When consulting a salon, it is recommended to be specific about your desired length and shape to receive an accurate estimation of how much acrylic nails cost.

Many states have laws requiring salons to post their prices somewhere inside or outside the entrance to their building or at least give out a written list upon request from consumers. In some cases, however, filling out a consultation form may help clients get a better sense of how much acrylic nail appointments cost.

2. Time Painting And Sculpting

In addition to time spent manicuring hands and polishing, painting, and sculpting the perfect set of fingernails, other factors that contribute to the overall how much acrylic nails cost can include what kind of product is used where it takes place. For example, in many salons, a French manicure may prioritize other clients and have a longer wait time than those who want a primary polish job.

3. Location And Type Of The Material

In addition to the location and type of material being applied, additional costs such as applying gel or sculpting will also influence how much acrylic nails cost. For example, if an artist decides to use a specialty gel instead of regular acrylic to paint one client’s fingernails, they would expect payment from the client for this extra service.

The same goes for adding length or sculpted designs to the nails. Chin length acrylic nails can take significantly longer if they are being shaped into a stiletto style rather than painted on straight, thus contributing to how much acrylic nails cost.

4. Cost Also Depends On Single Hand Or Both Hand Service

At most salons, having your nails done is considered an extra service that goes along with other types of beauty treatments, such as hair cuts or styling.

Because this is not considered a “stand-alone” treatment, many salons charge for it based on whether it’s done to one or both hands, the type of material used (gel vs. regular), and any additional time required due to design work or special instructions. For example, at $35 for just one hand and $65 for two hands, we could expect somewhere around $50-60 for acrylic nails.

5. There Are Lower Prices At Colleges And Beauty Schools

There are colleges and beauty schools where one could get their nails done for a little less because the service is offered by students training to become nail technicians or cosmetologists.

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6. Cost Can Be Reduced By Applying Acrylic Nails Yourself

In some cases, people can also apply acrylic nails on themselves and save money in the process. While this may not be the best way to ensure results and an attractive appearance, it can help individuals avoid paying salon prices altogether.

Individuals interested in the self-application should research how to correctly file, buff, and paint their own set of fingernails before doing so, however. Some also find that purchasing a kit gives them unlimited access to making corrections at home rather than paying again at a salon.

7. Discounts Could Be Offered On Acrylic Nails During Off-Hours

Hands, feet, and other body parts can be time-consuming to care for, and as such, the prices associated with them may also be higher than those that take place on your face or even your hair. While prices for acrylic nails will vary by location, it is recommended that individuals considering a visit do so during off-hours if possible to cut down on how much does acrylic nails cost.

Salons often offer discounts to their customers during “happy hour,” for example, which would allow you to get a manicure and pedicure at a reduced price. Many salons also offer monthly memberships and loyalty card programs that grant access to special rates for ongoing service rather than just one-time.

8. Acrylic Type Determines Its Price

The costs associated with getting acrylic nails can vary depending on what type of product is used, whether you do it yourself or go to a salon, and the service location. Salons may also offer different rates for one hand vs. two hands or charge higher prices during rush hour traffic when they’re more likely to get an increased number of customers.

For example, Americans spend more than $7 billion on nails every year, up by almost 40% over the last decade. That’s good news if you need some extra cash! If you’ve experience working in this industry, starting your own mobile nail business could be an exciting opportunity!

How much do long acrylic nails cost?

Long acrylic nails are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry. It is not uncommon for celebrities and those in the fashion industry to wear them.

The truth is that they require regular maintenance and can be expensive, despite the misconception that they are low maintenance. Most nail salons charge between $20 and $50 for a basic set of long acrylic nails.


So what are the acrylic nail prices?  That depends on your budget. There are small, cheap salons where you can get them done for $10 or $20, although it is not recommended.  If you go to a high-end resort, hotel, or spa, you will spend over $60 just for basic nails.The average person should be prepared to pay $30 to $60 for quality acrylics at a reputable salon. In addition to color and design, nail length and brand affect price.