How do Wall Hung Toilets work? Are They a Good Idea?


Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

As we advance towards the future, modernity and contemporariness are entering our lives faster and earlier than anticipated. Everything from lounge furniture to bathroom fixtures represents a modern outlook. While most modern fixture concepts fail to capitalize on the market, others get popularized among homeowners with their forward-looking appearances and enhanced functionality.

If you are someone looking to incorporate modern furniture or fixture in your home, the bathroom would be the best place to begin. The recent sensation – wall hung toilets visualize modernity and sophistication in the best way possible. Considering how extensively they are replacing the regular floor-standing toilets; their popularity boom is out of the question.

The overall unique and stylish appearance of the toilet must have caught you wondering; how wall hung toilets work. Well, you are not the first one to ask the question. In this article, we will solve the equation around wall hung toilets in detail. Make sure you stick right through the end.

What are The Wall Hung Toilets?

The wall hung toilets are relatively considered a modern style toilet. These directly fits on the wall without any need of support from the ground. These are also known as floating style toilet. The space underneath remains empty that creates illusion of more space. That’s why most people prefer them for a cloakrooms or small bathrooms. However, these are extensively used in large space as well due to their neat and luxurious looks. If you want a toilet that is elegant and stylish at the same time, then it can be a perfect option for you.

Wall Hung Toilet – How it Works?

Since wall hung toilets appear to be hanging in the air while being attached to the wall on one side, they work a lot differently from regular toilets. wall hung toilets are designed to hold the weight of an individual on top so screwing to the wall won’t work.

A frame is installed on the wall that is cloaked by tilework at the front. The toilet bowl is fixed to the wall frame that acts as a centerpiece to the entire unit. As for the cistern, it is also underground. In order to keep the wall-mounted toilet unit sleek, the cistern is installed separately from the bowl. The cistern is mounted on the toilet frame and is concealed by tilework at the front.

As far as the flushing mechanism is concerned, it is also located in the wall. However, unlike other components of the unit, it remains evident from the outside. Since the cistern is located inside the wall, the flushing mechanism is used to access the internal pipework in case anything goes wrong.

Should You Install Wall Hung Toilet?

No doubt, installing a wall hung toilet can give an instant and classy update to your bathroom but given their hefty price tags, they are a good purchase. The sleek, space-saving and modish design of these toilets make people wonder whether they should go with the expense or not. Let’s consider both sides of the story.

The wall hung design of the toilet makes it easier to clean the floor making sure the bathroom looks tidy all the time. But when it comes to installing a unit, you should be familiar with the installation and maintenance procedures.

Installing the unit is a comparatively hectic and challenging process considering the bathroom has to go through extensive wear and tear. Installing the frame, placing the cistern, concealing the unit, and attaching the bowl, everything demands expertise and patience. However, when installed, wall hung toilet will enhance the appearance of your bathroom multifold.

Final Thoughts.

The wall hung toilets are relatively new style with a completely hidden cistern that fits inside the wall. That’s why many people have question in their mind how such toilets actually work. While these have different flush design that is fits inside the wall. That is controlled with a push button on the wall. So, every time you want flush, simply push the button and flush activates.