How Can You Retake Dissertation After Dissertation Failure?


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    Universities usually upload students’ final grades in June for the Spring Semester. Many students pass their coursework with flying colours and move on to the next semester. However, graduating students have one final task to complete, which is passing their dissertation. It is common for many students to fail their dissertation due to several reasons. Students can retake dissertation and re-submit it after making the necessary changes. This article will tell you how you can retake dissertation after failing it.

    What can you do to retake dissertation after dissertation failure?

    1. Develop a Positive Attitude

    It is common to lose motivation if you fail your dissertation. Dissertation writing is a fairly long process, and it is time-consuming. You put so much effort into it, and if you fail the dissertation, it is natural to feel disappointed. However, you must not lose faith and remind yourself that accepting defeat does not lead to any productive outcomes. You can develop a positive attitude towards the situation and take it as an opportunity to enhance your learning. Once you start treating dissertation failure as an opportunity for self-improvement, you can retake dissertation with full strength and a positive mindset. Retaking a dissertation requires a positive mindset and a can-do attitude. However, if still there is anything you can’t go with, hire a dissertation writing service UK.

    • Review the Comments

    Instructors or examiners usually provide their comments when they provide an “F” grade to a dissertation. Instructors also attach the Turnitin reports if the quantity of plagiarised content exceeds the benchmark. You can retake the dissertation once you identify the reasons for dissertation failure. Review the comments carefully and try to understand why you got an “F” grade. Some of the common reasons for dissertation failure are the following:

    • Plagiarised Content
    • The scope of the topic is too broad
    • The research problem and research questions are vague
    • The hypothesis lacks a clear definition of variables
    • It does not add value to the literature
    • Replication of ideas
    • Lacks Critical Literature Review
    • Research Methodology is not clearly defined
    • Results are not consistent with the research objectives. Results do not address the research questions directly.
    • The discussion section lacks analysis and argumentation
    • Results are biased, and data collection procedures are ill-defined
    • Incorrect Citations
    • The format and structure of the dissertation are not appropriate
    • Illogical and incoherent arguments
    • Inconsistency between the ideas and paragraphs

    These are the common reasons due to which students fail their dissertations. Students can retake dissertation and address the above-mentioned issues to pass their dissertation.

    • Meet your supervisor

    You must schedule a meeting with your supervisor and discuss what steps you can take to retake dissertation. You must be open to criticism and take it as an opportunity to enhance your research skills. Your instructor will give you his or her feedback on the dissertation and identify the weak areas that need improvement. Also, it is imperative to discuss the rules for resubmission with your supervisor.

    • Make the Changes

    Once you review the comments and take feedback from your supervisor, the next step is to make the changes. You can retake dissertation by making the necessary changes. You can correct the common mistakes in the following manner:

    • Revise the topic if necessary

    Sometimes it is better to revise the topic and change it altogether or make some amendments. If the scope of your topic is too broad, narrow it down to specific aspects of the issue to clarify your position. Also, it is important to ensure that your topic is researchable and addresses the current issues and problems in your subject area. So, you can even change the topic altogether after discussing it with your supervisor if you think that the former topic is insignificant and cannot help you write a good dissertation.

    • Revise the Research Problems and Research Questions

    You can revise the research problem and research questions if they are vague. It is essential to clearly define your position on the issue and devise straightforward research questions.

    • Review the Literature

    You can retake dissertation and review the literature again to make improvements. It is important to find the relevant sources on your topic and engage with them critically. It is essential to remember that a literature review is not a summary of what other scholars have written. You might have failed your dissertation in the first place because your literature review was inadequate to support your assertions. A literature review helps you identify the gaps in the existing studies and justify the significance of your research problem. A thorough literature review builds your credibility among the readers and informs them how you will address those gaps.

    • Refine your research methodology

    An ill-defined research methodology leads to invalid results and outcomes. You must review your research methodology and further improve it. It is important to ensure that your research methodology is justifiable and helps you address the research questions. You must convince the readers that the steps you will take for data collection and analysis are common practice in your subject area and will lead to valid results.

    • Revise the Discussion and Analysis Section

    You can retake dissertation by improving your discussion and analysis discussion. Remember that the discussion and analysis section is the main part of your dissertation. The discussion section tests your intellectual rigour and ability to connect your findings with the identified gaps in the literature. Also, you must build logical and coherent arguments and use the language devices appropriately to show connection and transition between the ideas. You must use coordinating conjunctions and contrast words to build a connection between the ideas. The discussion section must be a critical reflection of your results and build them with the initial research questions and aims and objectives of your study.

    • Take help from a Professional Writer

    You can also take help from a professional writer and utilise the services of online dissertation writing services. Dissertation writers are professional writers with years of experience and are proficient in their subjects. They will help you retake dissertation and pass it with distinction. These writers are highly professional and do not compromise on quality. You will get a plagiarism-free dissertation with proper references and citations.


    Retaking a dissertation is not difficult; however, it requires thorough planning since it is your last chance to pass the dissertation. So, you must pay heed to the comments and instructions provided by your supervisor. You can follow the above-mentioned guidelines for re-writing your dissertation.