How Can You Participate In The Yukon Community Pilot Program?


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In January 2020, the Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) introduced the Yukon Community Program (YCP) (formerly known as the Yukon Community Pilot Program). This initiative intends to offer companies in Yukon towns more flexibility to accommodate the seasonal nature of employment in the territory. 

The emphasis is on community retention and economic growth outside of Whitehorse, although firms in Whitehorse are welcome to apply as well. This initiative aims to create a functioning labour market outside Whitehorse by attracting people who can demonstrate a long-term commitment to a qualifying locality.

Who is eligible to apply:

Small to medium-sized Yukon community enterprises that are ineligible for other YNP streams. Employers must show why other YNP streams do not fit their needs. The Yukon Community Pilot Program is designed for employers in the following:

  • Carcross, 
  • Carmacks, 
  • Dawson City, 
  • Haines Junction, 
  • Watson Lake, and 
  • Whitehorse

To be eligible, you must:

To be eligible for the Yukon Community Pilot Program, you must have the following:

  • You must have run your business for at least a full year.
  • The owner or operator must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada and 
  • Your company must be in good standing with the
    • Yukon Government’s Corporate Affairs Branch, Employment Standards Branch, and Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board.
  • Furthermore, your company must not be involved in ongoing labour problems. The YNP application guide and policy provide additional employer qualifying criteria.

Who are not Eligible for this Program:

  • Foreign workers are unable to apply. 
  • The Yukon Government accepts applications exclusively from employers and never from nominees.

Requirements of the Program:

  • All foreign worker criteria under the YCP are the same as those under the other YNP labour streams. 
  • These requirements are outlined in the YNP application guide and policy. 

Program Methodology:

The initiative provides employing foreign employees with adaptable job possibilities. Employers may construct a single post that combines up to three different vocations into one full-time position. The employer must also meet the following conditions to be eligible under the other YNP worker streams: 

  • An approximate estimate of the employee’s time in each position is given.
  • Instead of copying and pasting the National Occupation Code (NOC) job description, list the functions of the position held by their company.
  • Up to 3 firms in one town can create full-time employment for one worker.
  • The compensation must be commensurate with the highest prevailing wage rate among all the offered opportunities. 

Sharing a staff across firms may be the answer in some localities. This agreement must:

  • The criteria of the YCP may no longer be satisfied if one company withdraws its’ employment offer. Thus, it is important to explicitly define the employer-specific job tasks or needs, identify the hours of work for each position, and acknowledge this possibility.

To make sure that the employee can fill the necessary full-time hours of employment, the YNP may give notice of 90 days to the remaining employer(s) if a position is withdrawn.

  • Altering work arrangements or partnering with another company to make up for missed hours are two options.

To make sure new employers joining the partnership are qualified employers, the YNP will evaluate them.

The employers will also supply a letter of intent. This will describe the following:

  • Employers will cooperate to address disputes.
  • Due to the employee’s work schedule and responsibilities, they will enjoy benefits comparable to those of full-time employment with a single company (time off, overtime, etc.).

The worker, all employers, and this letter must be signed. A full-time job entails 1,560 hours of work per year.

Application Process for the Yukon Community Pilot Program:

  • The work permit application must be made online. Paper applications are not accepted.
  • Depending on where you stay, you must use certain application forms and complete specific procedures.
  • To read your instructions, choose the location from where you’re applying.
  • You must choose “outside Canada” if you are only a visitor to Canada and do not possess a work or study visa. 

You can also complete this application process with the help of a Canadian work permit agent who will guide you throughout.

Five Steps to Apply for a Yukon Community Pilot Program:

Eligibility Checking:

  • Taking an eligibility exam is the best method to find out if you qualify for a visa or immigration program. 
  • Even if the prerequisites can appear clear-cut, you also need to consider the age, experience, and language requirements. 
  • To learn more about eligibility checks, see the link below.

Job Searching:

  • Yukon has a large number of in-demand jobs. 
  • You can apply for positions through the Critical Impact Worker Program or the Skilled Worker Program, designed for unskilled or low-skilled individuals with experience in NOC levels C and D of employment. 
  • These jobs are classified as National Occupations Classification (NOC) levels 0, A, and B. 
  • Your chances of finalising a successful nomination grow after looking for work in Yukon.

Required documents Gathering:

  • Before you can work in Yukon, you’ll need the following documentation, among other things.
  • Results of the language test, financial records, a police clearance letter, a medical certificate, and legitimate offers of employment

Obtain an endorsement letter from the Yukon government:

  • You need to get the endorsement letter from the Yukon government stating the working hours, duration, etc.,

Submit an application for a work permit that is open:

  • You may apply for the YCPP online if you have all the necessary paperwork and a job in Yukon. 
  • You will need to fill out many papers, so make sure you have all the required paperwork on hand. 
  • You could get your nomination in as little as six months because of the LMIA-shortened exemption’s processing timelines and the Yukon government’s desire for you to begin working as soon as possible.


Programs like these are designed to keep talented workers and employees in professions that are in demand. There are Canada work permit agents that help talented workers to join the Yukon Community Pilot Program.

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