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GTA 5 Maude

Maude Eccles is a character in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V. She is a bail bondsman who hires the game’s protagonist, Trevor Philips, to track down and capture fugitives for her. Maude is depicted as a tough and no-nonsense businesswoman, and her missions for Trevor often involve high-speed car chases and shootouts.

Despite her tough exterior, Maude has a quirky sense of humor, and her missions often provide comic relief amidst the game’s otherwise dark and violent storyline. Maude’s character has been well-received by players and critics alike, and she has become a fan favorite due to her unique personality and memorable mission sequences.

Her role in the game highlights the diversity of characters and storylines within the Grand Theft Auto franchise and has helped to solidify the game’s reputation as one of the most successful and beloved video games of all time.

In GTA 5 Maude, Maude is a skip tracer and bounty hunter who lives in Blaine County. At the moment, she locates bail jumpers and enlists others to retrieve them.

  • The protagonist is Trevor.
  • The reward is up to $40,000.

GTA 5 Maude: How to get it?

If you’ve completed all three tutorial missions and set up your account in Los Santos, you’ll receive a text from Maude in GTA 5 Maude at random. The sign that you can begin to accept her assignments is when she starts sending them to you.

How do you complete Maude’s missions in GTA 5?

You will receive an email from Maude in GTA 5 Maude when she has a target she wants you to find. When you open it, there is a mug shot of the target in the email. Scroll down to the bottom of the email and exit your phone. Go to your pause menu and click on your map. You should see a marker that indicates where the target is generally located if you look around.

Go to the area you want to search and once you are there, explore it thoroughly. If you are driving, we suggest turning up the volume and turning off the radio in the car. It would help if you kept your ears open for the sounds of bells. If you listen carefully, the sound will let you know when you are getting close to the target and where it is. Getting closer to the target will increase the volume of the sound.

An arrow will appear above the head of the target when it is in sight. There are two ways to determine what target you need. However, the payment you receive will be much less if you kill them immediately. It would be best if you got the bounty target to surrender to take them to Maude so you can get the best payment. To accomplish this, we found that sneaking up behind them and hitting them with a wrench was the best method. A single hit may make them give up, but a second usually does the trick if they don’t.

If you succeed in getting them to surrender, they will come after you. When you return them in GTA 5 Maude to Maude’s house in Sandy Shores, the reward will be given to you. Once you complete one bounty target, you will need to wait a few in-game hours before getting another. The Maude missions are few and far between. When you complete the last one, Maude will reveal the location of a target’s “treasure,” and you will receive a Stone Hatchet.

Special Bonds in GTA 5 Maude.  

Trevor arrives at a trailer located in the northeast corner of the desert. Maude and her handsome friend briefly catch up as they greet each other. In GTA 5 Maude, Maude shows Trevor a man on the run with her laptop, even if things are not going well. Maude asks Trevor to help her find him because he jumped bail for a few thousand dollars. The two agree to share the file, and Maude agrees to send it to Trevor.

After regaining control of Trevor, leave the area. The initial cutscene ends after you get far enough away from the mission area, and you are informed that bail bond missions are now available. Maude will send you information about it via email. The first email you receive after meeting Maude will arrive within a short period. The email contains a photo of the suspect, a brief description, and a satellite image of the suspect’s last known location. 

Ralph Ostrowski:

Ralph cheated workers’ compensation. The quarry pit in Davis Quartz can be found at the bottom. He is standing next to an SUV and plans to escape in it once you arrive.

Larry Tupper:

Larry committed crimes associated with meth (he knows Trevor well). A barn southwest of Harmony is where you can find him. Armed to the teeth, he and his four friends are ready to fight to the death.

Glenn Sackville:

Glenn was working for the CIA. A cliff-edge southeast of the cable car station can be found on Mount Chiliad. It’s a given that he dives off and parachutes down to the lake.

Curtis Weaver:

Curtis assaulted a police officer. Near the truck stop, east of Paleto Bay, is the commune camp where he can be found. Take the right turn within the commune. Curtis will run and shoot.

Maude tells Trevor that she is retiring once all four are located and taken care of. She wants both a husband and a house with a picket fence, and bail work is a bad environment for her.

Tips about GTA 5 Maude

Obviously, you should take all bounties alive, as they offer more significant rewards.

Ram Ralph’s SUV or his car. Take it easy if you go for him, so he doesn’t die. You can also shoot him in the leg before he gets into the SUV. If that happens, shoot the tires to stop him quickly or ram it until it becomes too damaged. If Ralph continues to run, shoot his leg to make him surrender.

If Larry tries to sneak up on his friends, shoot them. An explosive like a sticky bomb works excellent for the three of them in the truck. Take out their fourth by removing him from the car. When Larry tries to escape, shoot his leg until he surrenders.

Glenn can be chased either by parachute or by helicopter if you grab the parachute and go after him that way. You don’t want to get too close to the helicopter, or you’ll cut his lines or him. To force him to surrender, shoot him in the leg after he lands.

For Curtis, shoot his leg to make him submit. Initially, the other commune members will attempt to beat you up, but holding a gun will scare them away.

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Similarly to other games of the same genre, GTA 5 gives players much freedom outside the storyline. As a result, this enhances the experience far more than simply engaging in main missions.

The world of GTA 5 can be explored through Side Missions and optional non-storyline missions. A Bail Bonds Side Mission is one of several Trevor can do in Sandy Shores, which Maude gives him.