Explore New York City in Comfy Clothing :- Fabriclore


New York is known as the city that never sleeps or the Big Apple. It is a fact a there are so many things to do and places to explore. There are so many things to fall in love with in the city, for instance, the enormous museum with fine arts on them and beautiful historic things, aesthetic buildings, and many more. Once you start walking down the streets there you will never come back, the beauty is just exceptional.  

Outfits to wear while traveling in the city!

opt for comfortable clothing

While you are visiting New York don’t waste your precious time overdressing, instead wander in the city and capture the beautiful moments. As most of the time, you have to walk to shopping, tour, and find the best places to eat. So it is better to walk in comfortable attire rather than wearing high heels and looking hot. But it doesn’t mean you cannot look chic in comfortable clothes, for that look, go for a pair of pants, cute tops, or dresses in trendy sneakers, and sunglasses. And to add on apply some natural makeup and fashionable hairstyle. 

Wear cool clothes

The best time to visit New York is in July and August, but these two months are also the hottest. For that wear sleeveless, half sleeves or crop tops, with shorts or loose pants. Moreover, add on cute handbags sneakers, or flats. You can go for jeans but an alert for you is that in hot summer it may make you sweaty. And if you are not comfortable in shorts then you can go for ankle-length pants, for a sophisticated look.   

Colors according to the place

As the whole city’s colors including the architecture and other things are of the same tone. It is better to color code with the city to have good pictures. Darker colors such as gray, olive, black,  blue, and khaki, or any hue of these colors will help you blend in. Moreover, you can go for monochrome outfits also.         

Let it flow free

Throughout the year in our offices or at any formal meetings we do wear tailored clothes, but while you are traveling wear flowy clothes. For instance, fabrics such as Georgette, chiffon, or any fabric that you like have a good drape and are breathable and can be your go-to fabric. They make you feel free while traveling.  

Casual Wear

If you are a person who is just interested in traveling and exploring rather than giving importance to clothing and looks. Then choose a pair of T-shirts with a casual pleated or denim skirt. Or jumpsuits, floral prints t-shirts with joggers. Just to add some glam to this outfit also it is a good option to play with accessories like minimal jewelry, footwear, and bags.

Hand Bags

While you are traveling or shopping keep your hands free, or else half of the time you will be busy managing your belongings. Go for cross-body bags or a small backpack, so that you can have your small items such as water bottles, cash, sunglasses when not using, or minimal other things.     

Know your Fabric!

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