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Elation EMR software is an intuitive and cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) platform. It helps physicians and other healthcare practitioners streamline daily activities.

Its API-driven open architecture lets customers and partners build on top of the platform. This allows them to easily customize features and functionality to suit their needs.

Collaborative Care

Collaborative care is a powerful way to improve the quality of patient care. It also cuts costs and increases convenience for both patients and providers.

Elation EMR Demo is an ideal solution for promoting collaborative care. It helps doctors improve face-to-face interactions with their patients. It also reduces the gap in care services and keeps clients informed about their plan of care.

Moreover, it facilitates seamless coordination of care between providers and their referring physicians. This enables better patient outcomes and ensures that each health professional is fully protected from medico-legal liability risks.

Integrations with care specialists, laboratories and significant care facilities help manage the entire clinical process from pre-visit through payment processing. This saves doctors time and quality resources by reducing manual work.

Electronic Prescribing

Electronic prescribing (eP) allows physicians to generate prescriptions that are sent directly to pharmacies, reducing the burden on prescribers and clinical office staff. Prescribers can also track refill requests to better monitor adherence to medications and reduce medication errors.

Unlike paper-based prescriptions, electronic prescriptions can be viewed instantly and saved to a patient’s medical record. This saves time reconciling medication lists or committing clinical information to memory, and can reduce adverse drug reactions.

Physicians can collaborate with specialists, eliminating double data entry and ensuring that all information is correct and up to date. They can also share and receive labs, consults and referrals to other providers within the system.

E-prescribing systems are typically equipped with built-in safety features, such as alerts and warnings for possible drug interactions and allergies, to reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions. They also make it easier to generate and transmit refill requests for patients who have run out of their medication.


Telehealth is a form of medical care that uses telecommunications technology to provide health services and information over the internet. It can be used to diagnose or treat chronic illnesses, manage medication, or monitor progress with a health condition.

Elation emr software is an ONC-ATCB certified EMR solution for physicians who are looking for a clinically focused, cloud-based electronic health record. It includes patient scheduling, a patient portal, e-prescribing and e-faxing capabilities.

With elation telehealth, your practice can offer virtual visits to patients using a HIPAA-compliant video platform integrated into our EHR. This streamlines your scheduling process and documentation so that you can spend more time providing exceptional care to your patients.

You can also use elation telehealth to remotely monitor patients, allowing you to collect vital signs and check on their condition. For example, you can use remote patient monitoring (RPM) to collect a patient’s blood pressure or temperature in real-time or asynchronously.

Patient Portal

Elation EHR software allows you to create a patient portal where patients can log in and view their medical records, schedule appointments, and message your physicians. This allows you to provide better customer service and reduce the cost of providing healthcare services.

Elation offers a variety of pricing options to suit the needs of your practice. There are three tiers: Direct Primary Care, Insurance, and Enterprise.

Designed with value-based care in mind, Elation provides a longitudinal view of the patient that can be used to help providers meet their goals. This helps PCPs to succeed in the increasingly common value-based payment models that reward quality rather than volume.

The elation EHR system also makes it easy for physicians to communicate with their patients and partners, including sending appointment alerts, check-in and intake forms, and virtual interfaces for remote cases. This ensures that doctors can get to know their patients better and build strong bonds before physical interactions take place.

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