Ed-Tech Companies Using Click to Call Solutions


Nowadays, education is not just limited to the classroom. Online courses and remote learning have significantly increased over the past few years. The epidemic has made it possible for EdTech businesses to advance recently. EdTech companies must understand the value of the customer experience as more and more individuals want to upskill and learn new skills. EdTech is expanding as quickly as a business. By clicking a button on a website or email signature, web visitors can call any brand representative using a click-to-call digital communication system. In order to allow customers and visitors to contact their staff directly, website owners put click-to-call buttons on their contact and support pages. In addition to their websites, sales and marketing professionals employ click-to-call controls in their email signatures so potential customers can call them with just one click.

How Customer Service Can Promote the Development of EdTech Platforms?

Fast internet, broad smartphone use, and the user base that most EdTech has so far attracted have allowed it to advance. Brands must construct an integrated system due to the strong development potential of edtech. The greatest services are provided by Knowlarity, who also facilitate an easy transition from conventional classroom instruction to online learning. They are the top click-to-call service in India. With the help of communication systems and customer service solutions, schools, institutions, or colleges have swiftly been able to meet their internal and external communication needs after the EdTech platform. Knowledge facilitates integration with any EdTech platform set up at a particular educational hub while making communication systems more surface-level.

Easier to Acquire Students:

Getting new students is becoming more complex every day. The number of EdTech companies on the market has made it a very competitive sector. It is preferable to increase sales across all of your channels. Obtain leads from your digital or in-app footprints and request that your sales staff follow up. The margin for error will be reduced, and the ROI will be maximized by automating this process with a click to call India. You can make little adjustments to conventional channels, like employing a predictive dialler.

Operational skill using CRM:

It is advisable to have some operational skills while managing a large group of people throughout their careers. Your staff will deal with much information as an EdTech company, but it shouldn’t become a burden. CRM software will instead make this burden easy to remove. In addition to managing student inquiries, it will also generate student journeys and track customer service tickets. In order to effectively provide students with pertinent course materials, tutorial assistance, and reports, it is crucial to design student journeys that are identical to customer journeys.

Parent/student support software:

The entire EdTech sector places a strong emphasis on the client. This indicates that the company can disregard its clients despite the high volume of incoming inquiries. It is best to use AI-driven solutions to conserve resources. Click-to-call customer service solutions can save workers time while reducing redundancy. They may tailor the conversation by getting to know every customer. Modern click-to-call solutions are highly competent and can help your kids with various challenges. The call will automatically be passed to an agent if the bot cannot fix the issue. However, the EdTech industry has a highly distinctive consumer profile. There are situations when a minor or adolescent is on the opposite side of the screen. It is advisable to have a call-back option available, which will connect you with the person who makes decisions regarding their parents.

Emphasis on digital sales:

To drive acquisition in such a competitive market, your click-to-call solutions must be nothing less than a digital sales solution. To ensure low lead leakage and maximum conversions, you can collect leads from numerous channels and send them to agents automatically. EdTech includes addressing particular needs as well as emphasising improving connectivity and contextual engagement with users to support transformation. Decision-makers and managers may monitor all interactions in real-time on a platform with a lot of data to identify what is working and what needs to be improved.

Shift to click to call solutions from Knowlarity:

EdTechs is a permanent fixture and will be employed to assist pupils of all academic levels. Teenagers and young adults are always trying to improve their skills. Knowlarity is crucial to develop a support plan in light of the high demand creation. It would be foolish to lose clients in this cutthroat industry. Therefore, Knowlarity helps to re-examine your company’s requirements and spend money on flexible click-to-call solutions.