Desert Safari Dubai – Easy Guide to Make Tour More Attractive


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What to expect and what to do At Desert Dubai

First, I added a Dubai desert safari to our itinerary when we get ready for a trip to the city. We have a lot of options to choose from. But we only have four days in Dubai, so we are going on an evening desert safari. If you’re planning to visit Dubai and want to know what a desert safari in Dubai is like, we’ve written about our experience going on a desert safari in Dubai here.

Fall in Love with Desert Safari

  • The desert in Dubai looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It’s also one of the most peaceful places to visit during your trip to the Middle East.
  • When you go to the desert, you feel like you’re a million miles away from the city’s glitzy parts.
  • It gave us a lot of chances to learn about the region’s fascinating Bedouin culture, heritage, and traditional way of life.
  • Everyone who has been to the Arabian Desert says that it’s like something out of a movie.
  • I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful the desert landscape is.

Booking a Desert Safari

This is the most important thing to remember when you go on a safari in the desert. TripAdvisor and other review sites helped us choose our desert safari company. Among the things we could do are the Red Dune Safari, the Evening Desert Safari, the Morning Desert Safari, the Overnight Desert Safari, and the Hot Air Balloon Ride. We wanted to try them all, but book an evening desert safari because we are short on time. It is worth the money we spent because our desert package included activities, dining, entertainment, and most importantly, the round trip hotel transfers, which made our desert safari stress-free from start to finish.

Desert Safari Locations

There are a lot of things you need to know about the desert safari package that you want to buy. All the desert safari places in Dubai aren’t the same, so don’t expect them to be the same when we go on a desert safari in Dubai; it takes place in the Al Awir area. If you decide to go on the Red Dune Safari, you’ll get to go to the mysterious, bright red sand dunes of the Al Lahbab area. It’s possible for people who want to go even further to go on the Liwa Safari. This safari takes you to Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Oasis, next to the world’s largest sand desert, the Rub al Khali.

Starts of Journey

In this case, evening desert safari comes with transportation, so picked up right outside of the hotel. There are two choices: public and private. I chose public. You will go with the latter, making the desert trip even more accessible. The Tour agencies are very friendly and know a lot about Dubai’s deserts and other things. They make sure that your trip to the desert will be both fun and comfortable.

Top Dubai Desert Safari Activities

Dune Bash: 

The following vehicle is called a Land Cruiser, and it is very powerful. Tourists go to dune bash when they get to the desert. The desert trip is, in fact, all about this. Again, this car is just for your group of four. As this electric ride starts, tourists have the best adventure and laughs. This roller coaster-like ride over the highs and lows of the desert sands is full of twists, turns, and surprise jumps. It goes on for about 30 to 40 minutes before it ends at the desert camp. There are a few short stops along the way to take pictures of the stunning desert sunset views.

Camel Ride: 

In the beginning, take a camel ride. If you want to know how friendly this unique desert animal is, you should try it. You can see the golden desert sands from a new angle when you ride on the camel’s back.

Quad Biking: 

These quad bikes let you see the soulful beauty and serenity of the Arabian Desert up close and personal. This is another fun thing to do in the desert. Travelers have to pay a small fee to try this new thing. Most important is that you don’t have to be a pro. Even first-timers can ride quad bikes.

Sand boarding: 

A short time on the sturdy sandboard is exciting and fun because it lets you try out balance skills on the desert sands. People who take desert safaris don’t usually include this, so they’ll have to pay extra.

Cultural Experiences at Desert Safari

Some of the things that happen on a desert safari in Dubai aren’t as exciting as they sound. It’s also a great way to learn about the fascinating Bedouin culture. You get to do things like falconry, smoke Shisha and get henna tattoos (where an expert henna artist decorates your hands with beautiful designs). You can also take pictures of yourself wearing traditional Arabian clothes as souvenirs. This is a free thing to do. But if you want your photo to be taken by a professional, you’ll have to pay more money. In the end, we didn’t do this. We did, however, take some cool pictures of ourselves in Abayas with our smartphones. You can also relax in a traditional-looking tent with low-lying furniture.

Barbecue Dining & Traditional Shows

Our meal in the desert is a true culinary adventure that seamlessly combines the many different flavors of the food with the charm and quiet of the Arabian Desert. The menu is huge and tasty, from appetizers and soups to main dishes and desserts. It would help if you also kept in mind that the quality of your food is a lot dependent on who you hire to help you. 

During a desert trip, you will see a lot of traditional shows that make you feel like you are part of the culture and history. The Tanoura performers almost caused you to faint with their lighted costumes and dervish moves. The belly dancers, on the other hand, are graceful and beautiful.

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