Basic Undercarriage Parts You Should Know About


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The undercarriage is an essential part of the equipment that holds the entire load of the equipment. Undercarriage maintenance is as important as maintaining the machine. Some heavy equipment like a dozer and track excavator has a track to roll on the road. The equipment manufacturers use the most durable material for the undercarriage. However, it is necessary to keep it in good condition. The right care and maintenance will only keep the equipment working for a longer time. 

To understand every bit of undercarriage, you need to know about its basic parts. This article will give you all the basic information about the undercarriage parts o that you can take care of it more accurately.

  1. Track links

If you closely observe an undercarriage of a dozer for sale, you will see it has different parts linked together. Different parts like seals, pins, and bushing are connected flexibly so that they can seamlessly move. When you are going for regular maintenance of the dozer, make sure to give a special eye to these parts. any damage to these parts may cost you a lot of money.

  1. Track Shoes

Track shoe comes in different types that you can choose according to the site surface. It is the important part of the undercarriage that transfers the load to the ground. The track shoe directly influences the steering control and maintenance system. Any glitch in a track shoe can affect the machine’s maneuverability. It is better to always choose the narrowest track shoe as it provides suitable floatation and operates with low power. Whereas the wide track shoe can easily loosen and get cracks on it. The wider track shoe requires an adequate amount of power to operate and reduce the productivity of the equipment soon.

  1. Sprocket

A sprocket helps pick the bushing of an undercarriage and transfer the drive load. It helps in moving the track links on the ground so that machine can move. Make sure while installing a sprocket on the undercarriage, choose the best quality of it. The low-quality sprocket can affect the track links and reduce the lifespan of an undercarriage.

  1. Rollers

Track rollers or carrier rollers help in distributing the weight throughout the track. They are of two types double flange and single flange. Both of them help in maintaining the ground clearance for a smooth run of a machine. These rollers also help prevent the ground from sagging.

Basic maintenance tips for an undercarriage

Besides knowing the basic parts of the undercarriage, make sure to keep regular maintenance. These are a few simple tips to maintain your undercarriage of a dozer for sale.

  • When you link the tracks, make sure to adjust them moderately. Do not make it too tight and too loose. In both cases, it will affect the movement of the track and then will limit the machine’s movement. The tight linkage will also reduce tension in them and will get cracks and other damage in it.
  • Always clean the undercarriage after each shift. Sometimes mud, dust, and other grimes may affect and limit its movement of it. Further, the longer you take to clean the undercarriage will shorten the lifespan of the undercarriage.
  • One last thing is, do not run the machine at high speed. The optimal speed is ideal for the long life of the undercarriage. Driving the equipment at high-speed will loss of the grip of the undercarriage and it may trip down. 

The bottom line

The undercarriage is a vital part of most equipment like track excavators and dozers. It is mandatory to keep it maintained. Regular maintenance will keep it sustained for a long and will increase its productivity as well. To properly maintain it, you need to know about its basic parts. read this article, to know about the basic parts of an undercarriage.